Im having trouble figuring the end which compounds are an ext acidic or basic. Im likewise having trouble figuring the end which is more soluble than others. Go anyone have any type of advice or any type of videos/study materials they provided that make it clear to them.

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Chad"s videos top top Acids/Bases yes, really helped. Cations are usually acidic (unless component of a solid BASE) and anions room usually straightforward (EXCEPT component OF A solid ACID and HSO4-). So once comparing speak 1 M that KBr, Al(ClO4)3, CsF, and also AlF3; KBr is neutral due to the fact that KOH is a solid base and also HBr is a strong acid, Al(ClO4)3 is acidic due to the fact that ClO4 is component of a solid acid, CsF is basic because Cs is part of a strong base... Does the make sense? And solid ACIDS AND solid BASES disassociate completely in an aqueous solution whereas weak acids and also bases just partially disassociate, making their solubility less.
The factor KBR is neutral is because when reacting v H2O girlfriend form, KOH and also HBR, hence they publication each various other out, and you room left through a neutral pH of solution of 7, nothing added to the pH that pure water. CsF is straightforward because when reacting with H2O, it develops CsOH and also HF, i m sorry is a strong base and a weak acid, meaning that the pH will be higher than 7, which indicates a basic solution.
No problem! Chad"s videos and also his packet is an extremely helpful. I number if I simply know his whole packet, i will perform okay.
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