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Al Capone Does my Shirts is a novel by award-winning author Gennifer Choldenko. In this novel, Moose Flanagan and his family members move to Alcatraz Island, where Moose"s father has obtained a project as both electrician and also prison guard because that the commonwealth prison positioned on the island. Moose misses his friends earlier home and resents his mother for uprooting the family members for one more of she schemes to aid his sister Natalie it is in normal. Nearly immediately, Moose finds self in trouble when the daughter of the warden, Piper, draws him into a scheme to do money turn off of the name of the most famed prisoner in ~ Alcatraz, Al Capone. However, Moose shortly learns the does not require Piper to find trouble. Al Capone Does my Shirts is a humorous novel that can additionally bring a tear to the reader"s eye as Moose learns that family members is worth fighting for.

Moose Flanagan is unhappy through the move to Alcatraz because he misses his friends and also grandmother ago in Santa Monica. To do matters worse, Moose"s dad is working so lot that the does not have time to toss the sphere with Moose. However, his father does have actually time to take it Natalie for a to walk to offer his mom a break. The is all since of Natalie they are there in the an initial place, so she can attend the Esther P. Marinoff college in mountain Francisco.

Theresa Mattaman come by the apartment their very first morning there and takes Moose and Natalie on a short tour of the island. Lock run right into Piper, the warden"s daughter, who automatically asks uncomfortable questions around Natalie. Moose walk not like it when civilization assume Natalie is stupid simply since she is different. Piper"s questions just make Moose dislike her.

The following morning, Moose and also his family members take Natalie come her brand-new school. Natalie is conscious something is continue and practically refuses to gain off the boat, yet Moose manages to to convince her come go. Back on Alcatraz, Moose thinks around all the various other attempts his mother has made to settle Natalie, consisting of a study at UCLA that ended with the medical professionals telling his mom there to be nothing they might do for Natalie. Moose think it to be then once his mommy insisted the Natalie was just ten, each and every date of birth since.

The an initial day of institution in mountain Francisco is interesting for Moose, who discovers a team of boys that organize a baseball game every Monday. Moose is riding high together he makes his means home, however his bubble burst as soon as he receive a phone speak to from the Esther P. Marinoff institution asking his parents to come choose up Natalie immediately. Moose goes through his mother to the institution where they are told the Natalie is just not all set for their program. The dean that the school offers Moose"s mother the name of a woman he claims will help, one more dead finish road as much as Moose is concerned.

Piper come up through a plan to have kids at school pay to have actually their clothing washed in the jail laundry because that a nickel each. Piper desires Moose"s help, but he consistently refuses, afraid of compromising his father"s project after the warnings the warden provided him. Piper persists, however, eventually getting caught and causing not just Moose, however Annie, Jimmy, and Theresa to acquire in trouble together well.

As part of Natalie"s brand-new therapy, Moose is compelled to keep her v him throughout the afternoons, even when the goes the end to pat ball. Moose decides to search for a ball hit over the wall surface by the prisoners to provide to his brand-new school friend, Scout. Moose leaves Natalie to count rocks or buttons as he searches. One day, Moose discovers that a prisoner working as a gardener in the area has actually befriended his sister. Moose becomes frightened that this criminal has done something unspeakable to his sister and also refuses to take Natalie the end of the apartment again. However, Natalie is able to communicate to her her desire to check out her girlfriend again. This time, Moose enables it as long as he have the right to see what is happening.

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It has become clear come Moose that Natalie has actually made progress with her new therapist. Moose can likewise see how essential it is to his mom that Natalie gets into the school. When Natalie is rotate down once again, Moose goes to the warden to ask because that help. When the warden refuses, Moose sneaks a letter right into the prison to Al Capone. A quick time later, Moose learns the the Esther P. Marinoff college has produced a new program for older children and also Natalie is to be their first student.