I desire to point out a couple of points that have had actually a destructive effect to practice Scenarios after the update. Prior to I began, ns would prefer to suggest out exactly how truly disappointed i am in the absence of attention tradition Scenarios have actually received for age of empires III DE. The absence of emphasis and also sense of prominence the script Editor gained was laughable come say the least.

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While mentioning my disappointment ns would choose to include - when reviewing a the majority of unit records I have a concern for friend guys: Why walk you guys bother in concentrating so much around giving the lot needed respect to few of the indigenous Buildings and Units if your own records still have the old names of the “offensive” units/buildings? what’s up v that? that’s a subject for an additional time.

Back come the issue at your disposal - This new update completely ruined/disabled scenario games. For some factor you men removed the “Free for All” alternative in script Games, capability to change color, capability to adjust team, capability to begin a video game early, and removed the ability to select the civ you desire to play.

After this upgrade you men are forcing each player to be assigned the civ under the tab found inside the scenario Editor.


image1909×581 278 KB

You have fully removed the freedom of choice in Scenario games and also the choice to play ‘Free for All’ at the player’s discretion.

Exhibition A because that ‘Free because that All’ disabled:

image473×584 61.3 KB

I deserve to see ‘Free because that All’ together a non-host that the lobby game. If I produce the video game the ‘Free for All’ option is gone.

As mentioned previously the new update forced a pre-determined player color, civilization, and player team. Every one of this information based on the tab in the scenario Editor

image1030×107 38.7 KB

Lastly the hold cannot recognize when the video game starts. If you select under "CONTROL’ inside the tab you cannot ar a computer in the north slot. This rule prevents the host from starting the game at an early stage by merely filling the north slots through a computer.

image587×667 59.5 KB

This was working fine before the update; aside from the countless other issues that it had and also the update ignored to fix.

In addition, Scenario games keep randomly OOSing 5-10 minutes into the game. Occasionally 30 minutes right into the game. The is completely unexplained as to what causes it. One significant problem that is an extremely consistent is the ‘playtest’ feature. After friend playtest an script 3-4 time the following playtest will certainly crash your game. Sometimes losing the work done. One latest pest is the entire screen going dark.

This was only 11 minutes into the game


image1921×1080 378 KB

It is vital to understand that the dark display screen effect to be throughout the entire player basic within the game. Meaning, every person right now playing the game had their entire game dark mode. It to be not just me.

Guys - is this pure lack of competence or is this the method Scenarios now work? What is walk on here? Not just did the custom Scenario community got the finish of the stick currently we can’t properly play our beloved scenarios b/c of these ridiculous bugs/changes.

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Age of empires II release was additionally a big mess and also I understand you guys are working through the resources offered to friend by corporate. Yet this is past unacceptable come still check out bugs earlier from 2005 and utilize the same Scenario Editor UI I offered over 10 year ago.