i was like 12 as soon as I acquired them because that the very first time lol. I don't think they'll aid your nails grow though. They're pretty poor for your nailsactually.




I've got my first pair the acrylics on my 12th birthday ns don't see the difficulty with it as lengthy as you are conscious of the damages it will cause to her nails and additionally the price, yet I quiet love acrylics to now I have actually some onnow:)



My an initial time (and last time) I had acrylic nails the an initial day i ripped them all off i guess i wasnt provided to them however it was only my right middle and also ring finger that hurt and most that them come off once I was placing my hair up in aponytail.

ns started obtaining solar nails sometimes when i was 14 because I have a negative habit of choose my cuticles andnails.

i started acquiring them in like 6th grade lol however it gets expensive, and also REALLY damages your nails. Ns only gained them because I offered to bite mine nails. Yet I stopped recently, and I love having natural nails waymore!

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