Many student think the an object's acceleration is constantly in the direction in i m sorry the thing is moving


Some researches have discovered that students frequently think that the direction of an object"s acceleration will always be in the exact same direction as that object"s velocity. College student may, because that instance, struggle to grasp that a car coming to a stop at a red irradiate will have actually an acceleration that is the contrary in direction come its velocity.

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Trowbridge, D. E. And also McDermott, L. C. (1981) examination of student knowledge of the principle of acceleration in one dimension. American journal of Physics, 49 (3),


A sample the 35 undergraduate students indigenous the university of Washington were asked to finish four motion-based work (developed from job-related by Jean Piaget) during the course of a 20-30 minute interview. 28 students to be from a calculus physics course, and 7 were from one academically disadvantaged class. Several types of theoretical difficulties were identified, and it was established that "fewer than half of the student demonstrated adequate qualitative understanding of acceleration together a ratio to it is in able to use this concept in a genuine situation."

Saltiel, E. And Malgrange, J. L. (1980) 'Spontaneous' methods of reasoning in elementary school kinematics. European newspaper of Physics, 1 (2),


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The aim of this research was to explore and also analyse "spontaneous" ways of thinking (SWR) of students in elementary school kinematics (uniform activity in galilean frames). A collection of experiments gift to 80 eleven-year-old children and to some 700 first- and fourth-year university students showed types of right and wrong answer which varied little from one sample the pupils to another. It seems daunting to attribute this results solely to college learning; however they have the right to be fine accounted because that if the authors assume the presence of an organised system which the authors speak to the "natural model", together opposed to the kinematic model of the physicists. This model involves two materials which constantly interact: a completely descriptive one describing motion, and also a causal one explaining motion.

Forces and also Motion

Most college student think the if an item is moving, there should be a force in the direction of its motion

Forces and also Motion

Many student think that an item moving in a circle experiences a force away from the centre of the circle (a centrifugal force)

Forces and also Motion

Some student think that gravity calls for the visibility of waiting (so over there is no heaviness on the Moon, or in space)

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