Abandon Hope all Ye Who enter Here Meaning

Definition: Proceed v caution; carry out not enter.

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The proverb abandon hope all ye who go into here comes indigenous Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Origin the Abandon Hope every Ye Who enter Here

Dante Alighieri supplied this proverb in Inferno, part one of 3 of the epic poem, Divine Comedy. The full epic, released in 1472, follows Dante’s journey with Hell, Purgatory, and also Heaven.

This proverb is inscribed above the entrances of Hell. The initial Italian version that the expression reads, Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate. The English all hope abandon, ye who go into here comes native an 1814 translate in of Divine Comedy; this later ended up being rearranged into its many common form today. Occasionally, someone may use a variant form, abandon all hope, ye who get in here, however this is much less common.

Examples the Abandon Hope every Ye Who get in Here

Because that is fairly obscure, English speakers perform not commonly use this proverb in normal conversation.

In this exchange, Maria has just arrived on the hospital because that a regimen checkup. She conversation v Joy, the receptionist, shows just how native speakers can use this proverb.

Maria: five gosh, i’m so nervous. Girlfriend might as well have a sign above the door saying, “Abandon hope every ye who get in here.”

Joy: i wouldn’t to speak a hospital is comparable to Hell.

Maria: Well, no. But no one likes going come the hospital. Specifically me.

Joy: No must be scared. Besides, ns wouldn’t abandon all hope just yet. We save numerous lives every day. You never know. We just could save her one day.

Though most people are at least acquainted with the Divine Comedy, not all English speakers have read it, which method that not everyone will recognize the reference. In this example, joy understands the reference, which is why she claims the hospital is not comparable to Hell.

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The definition of the English proverb abandon hope all ye who go into here is literal. In the epic city Divine Comedy, this proverb is enrolled on above the entrance to Hell.