Phoenix Jackson : She is named after the supernatural bird i beg your pardon rises renewed indigenous the ashes that a fire. She is taking a long and challenging journey only to fetch medicines for grandsonA White Hunter young : the finds and helps Phoenix come come the end of a ditch where she had actually fallen if walking through jungleAn Attendant (in the doctor"s clinic) : At an initial she is rude come Phoenix, but later she changed her attitude, and also even gave her a nickel as a Christmas gift.A Nurse : She knowns why Phoenix has actually come. She is kinder to her and also helps she by providing the forced to her
Life is a journey. It"s not always smooth and also easy, it"s complete of difficulties.Show toughness in the confront of adversity (difficult or uncomfortable situation).Don"t it is in discouraged by challenges, keep relocating forward.It is necessary never to offer up.Be dutiful and responsible.Love: constantly show unconditional and also selfless love, and do anything because that someone girlfriend love.

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This is a story of an old black woman. She is Phoenix Jackson. She provided to live in a village with her just grand son, that was ill. Castle are only two in your family. She had to walk to the city at continuous intervals come fetch (go and bring) medicine from there.
The city was much away from she village, and the trip was really difficult. The beauty, beauty of the story is how at her age she faces all the obstacles (badha) boldly on her method .
The existing story describes one of her such journeys come the town. ~ above the way she had actually to confront many obstacles. Yet every time deals with them boldly and also successfully.
Her journey started through increase the hill. It to be 25th December. That was very cold and the course was spanned with snow. She tapped her stick top top the snow and also continued she journey. She in the habit of talk to it s her and likewise all the animals she met top top the way.
After climbing increase the hill through a great difficulty, currently she had actually to climb down. Already she got caught by the thorny bushes. She make herself cost-free from them, and also continued her journey.

After some time she came by a creek. She had to overcome it with a log. Although the was very difficult, she take it it to be she trial. She do herself all set for that. She closed she eyes and started to walk an extremely carefully through the log and finally crossed it successfully.

She again continued her journey. Over there was another obstacle. Now she had actually to cross v a barbed wire fence. She crept and crawled through the wire conserving herself and also her gown too.
Now she was passing v a corn field. Over there she saw a scarecrow. At first she assumed it to be a ghost. However when she come nearer, she knew the it was a scarecrow. She talked and also even danced through it.

Then, as soon as she was walking, a black color dog came before her every one of a sudden. She to be not ready for it. She shed her balance and fell in a ditch.

After part time a hunter boy came there. He took her the end from the ditch. As soon as they to be talking, he dropped a nickel top top the ground. She ended up being greedy and stole it.
After part time, she got to the town. There she request a young lady come tie she shoe laces. The whole town to be decorated with vivid bulbs.

But her eyes were no working properly as it was functioning in the job time. However as she had actually travelled the method several number of times, she didn"t also need eye to reach to the doctor"s clinic. Her habituated feet took she to the doctor"s clinic.
The lengthy and daunting journey in ~ this period had made her tired. It had additionally made her forgetful for part time. So, when the nurse over there asked her about her grandson, she didn"t reply at all.
But quickly she recalled everything. She responded that the nephew was not cured. The nurse carried her the medicine, and she started to return back.
The attendant provided her a nickel together a Christmas gift. She became really glad. Currently she had actually two nickels. She stated that she would buy a paper toy (paper windmill) for she grandson.
Then she left the clinic for she village. Every the problem were waiting her in the darkness that the night.
Question 1. map the various obstacles Old Phoenix come up against between the Valley wherein we an initial pick her up and also the wagon track, and also describe exactly how she encounters each.
Answer : The old lady had actually to face many obstacles. However the beauty, beauty of the story is the she no only faces all the obstacles very bravely, but additionally dealt with all of them.
We first pick Phoenix in the valley walking slowly through dark pine shadows. While walking, she was relocating a small from next to side, tapping the frozen ground with her cane.
The path ran up a hill. She climbed v a good difficulty. And also after acquiring up the top, she had actually to climb down the oaks. But before she gained to the bottom of the hill, her dress obtained entangled in a thornybush.
With her old weak fingers, she freed it. Yet every time she freed herself from one side, it gained from the other side. V a great labour and patience, she stood totally free at last. She had actually been worn down in law this and also took a quick rest. And then again she started her journey.
At the foot of the hill there to be a creek and also a log was kept throughout it. She had actually to cross it, and also it to be not much less than a test because that her. However, she stepped top top the log, closed her eyes, well balanced herself and also crossed it successfully. She was really glad at it. She assumed that she had actually not to be old yet.
Now she had actually to overcome a barbed cable fence. It was a very difficult job. She had actually to overcome it conserving herself and her dress too.
She did that excellently . She crept and also crawled through the fence prefer a baby and with a difficulty she crossed it.
Now the path was a tiny bit easier. She had actually to go through a field. However after a while, she experienced something tall, black and skinny. She assumed it to it is in a ghost and was a small bit fear too. But soon she discovered it was a scarecrow. She talked with it, and even danced with it. After a wade a tiny more, she reached to the wagon-track.
Answer : She to be walking with deep in her meditation. Suddenly a black dog came prior to her. She was no mentally all set for it. She shed her balance and also was finally knocked down in the ditch.
Down in the ditch, her senses drifted away, and was in dream choose situation. She raised her hand up, yet there was no human body to pull she up. She put there talk to it s her till a white hunter boy come there and also pulled her up.
Question 3.

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In Egyptianmythology the Phoenix was a bird of an excellent splendour that every five hundred year consumed chin by fire and rose renewed from its very own ashes. In what method is Phoenix Jackson prefer the bird ?
Answer : The name of the key character is Phoenix. Her surname is after a supernatural Egyptian bird phoenix. This bird lives long (500 years) consumes itself by fire renews by its own ashes.Both the bird and also lady have actually some similarities.