Imagine you are looking at an Amerideserve to newspaper or news website. You read a few stories, and view terms such as health and wellness care, football game or bank policy. These terms might all seem to have nopoint in common, however they share a grammatical feature. This attribute is often discovered in writing – particularly in newswriting. Today we will check out a pattern you will certainly frequently uncover in the news business: nouns editing and enhancing, or describing, various other nouns. Understanding this idea will not only assist your reading abilities, yet also assist build your composing skills. Join us as we explore a widespread pattern in news reporting!Definitions An adjective is a word that defines, or modifies, a noun or pronoun. Consider this example:

Everyday Grammar is a great regimen.Here, the adjective good explains the noun program. A noun is a word that is the name of something. That thing might be a person, concept, area or action. Sometimes nouns deserve to act like adjectives. In various other words, they change the interpretation of other nouns. Listen to this example:Everyday Grammar is a grammar program.Here, the word grammar, a noun, is acting favor an adjective. It is editing and enhancing the noun program. For the functions of this report, we will speak to this pattern a "noun-noun pairing."


​We have discussed this topic before in an additional Everyday Grammar regimen, which you have the right to uncover on the VOA Learning English website. It is called When Nouns Act Like Adjectives.

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Other nouns you can find in the current occasions area include city, state, hospital and community. For instance, you regularly hear reports around a state subsidy or a court case. Now, you know the grammar behind such terms! BusinessOur next speak on the news tour is the organization area. It is an additional location where readers regularly discover nouns editing and enhancing other nouns. Consider this report from The New York Times newspaper.The story is called: "China Pledges Openness in Hopes of Reaching a Trade Deal"Here, trade deal is the structure we would certainly choose to attract your attention to. Trade is the noun that is - you guessed it! – editing and enhancing the word deal. The story talks about China"s desire to finish a trade war through the United States. Yes, profession war is also an example of a noun-noun pairing.Company revenues, labor supply, and also market forces, are other examples that you will certainly regularly see in organization news. Health Our final speak on this tour is the health and wellness section. We start by listening to component of a VOA story referred to as “More Americans Died From Drugs in 2016 Than Any Year Before.”The story tells about a statement that U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made to reporters:"Rosenstein dubbed it a “horrifying surge in drug overdoses." He included that drug abusage is wrecking families and neighborhoods throughout the U.S."You heard the terms drug overdoses and drug abuse – both cases of nouns editing and enhancing various other nouns.The nouns drug, health and also cancer are all used to modify various other nouns. You will certainly often read stories around drug tests, health treatment devices, cancer therapies and cancer drugs, for instance.Closing thoughts: The following time you are reading news stories in English, attempt to look for examples of nouns editing other nouns. Can you discover some of the examples that we talked about today? Can you think of various other examples? You deserve to uncover a list of widespread nouns provided as modifiers with the text variation of the story on our website, offer you some examples, yet tbelow are many others. Try to document widespread noun-noun pairings that you find, in addition to the subjects they show up via. With time, you will begin to construct an exceptional expertise of news terms and expressions.And that"s Everyday Grammar.I"m Jill Robbins.

And I"m John Rusmarket.John Rusoffer composed this story for Learning English. George Grow was the editor.

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grammatical – adj. entailing or pertained to the framework of language​feature – n. an exciting or important component, high quality or abilitypattern – n. the repeated means in which somepoint happens or is donetourn. a brief trip or visitmanner – n. a means of doing thingsdigital – adj. using or identified by computer system technologyguessv.

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to estimate or make a predictionhorrify – v. to reason (someone) to feel horror or shock;surgen. a sudden, large increase

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Nouns commonly used to modify or explain other nouns


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government, court, neighborhood, state, city, church

federal government administration, government plan, court situation, area planning, church groups


firm, labor, industry, insurance,


firm earnings, labor supply, sector forces, insurance sector, trade deal, trade war


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drug research, drug addiction, health and wellness device, health care, cancer drug, cancer research