The approximate days for the Viennese Classic
The approximate days of the Baroque era1600-1750
What event signaled the end of the Baroque?J.S. Bach’s death
Besides the organ, what other key-board instrument was typically used during the Baroque?Harpsichord
What instrument replaced the harpsichord in the timeless era?Piano
Two far-reaching composers associated with the Baroque eraJ.S. Bach, Handel, or Vivaldi
Two far-ranging composers linked with the Viennese ClassicMozart, Haydn, (Beethoven)
This musical texture is many representative of the BaroqueHomophony
Four Baroque critical formsconcerto, sonata, suite, and also fugue
Solo ConcertoThree activity work, written specifically for solo instrument and also orchestra.

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Concerto GrossoThree activity work, written expressly for a little group the instruments and orchestra.
Suitemulti-movement work made up of a series of difference dances
Sonataa multi-movement job-related written because that solo instrument and basso continuo or little ensemble v basso continuo
FugueA polyphonic form in which one or much more theme is emerged by imitative counterpoint.
Three Baroque vocal formsopera, oratorio, and cantata
Contrasts between opera and also oratorioOpera: secular themes, using all facets of the theater; Oratorio: spiritual themes, using no aspects of the theater
Advantages the the patronage system for a composerPatron supports the musician financially; extremely esteemed function in culture for the composer.

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Disadvantages that the patronage systemA composer remains a maid to his patron; A composer have to write in the genres his patron requests
Absolute musicMusic i beg your pardon does not reflect one image, a story, or an feel (music composed for music’s sake)
Two brand-new instrumental genres introduced throughout the Viennese ClassicSymphony, cable Quartet
Size the the Baroque Orchestra10-30 musicians
The expansion in size of the classical orchestra30-40 musicians, 4 sections (strings, woodwinds, brass, and also percussion), new instrument- clarinet
The three main sections that sonata-allegro formExposition, Development, Recapitulation
Describe Theme and Variations formTheme: a melodic idea supplied as a structure block in a composition; Variations: melodic, harmonic, or rhythmic advancement of the theme.
Number of movements in a classical concertoThree
Number of motions in a timeless symphony or cable quartetFour
CadenzaA typical feature of a concerto which attributes a free, solo passage showcasing the soloist without orchestral accompaniment
The change composer who bridges the classical era with the Romantic eraLudwig valve Beethoven
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