A 16-year-old girl that was assaulted on rush-hour bus in Birmingham passed away from a solitary stab wound to the chest, post-mortem tests have revealed.

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Christina Edkins was stabbed upstairs ~ above the bus top top Hagley roadway while top top her way to school in Halesowen ~ above Thursday.

Officers are proceeding to question a 22-year-old male from the Walsall area that was arrested near the scene of the stabbing a couple of hours later.

Earlier, the pressure said around 16 human being were on the bus at the moment of the strike but they had only talked to half of them.

They urged the other passengers to contact them urgently, even if they did not see the stabbing and had to be sitting downstairs.

Officers stated they thought Christina's attacker may have travelled top top buses approximately the Birmingham area after ~ the stabbing.

Officers have released a CCTV picture of a man wearing a jacket through a tiger architecture on the back and have actually urged anyone who saw the on Thursday between 0600 GMT and 1300 GMT to call them.

Counsellors have actually been carried in to support pupils and staff at Leasowes High School, whereby Christina was a pupil.


The school claimed it thanked "everyone for many offers that support" and extended heartfelt sympathy come Christina's family.

A book of remembrance has actually been opened at nearby St Peter's Church, in Lapal, Halesowen, where human being can go to light a candle.

Christina's head teacher Neil Shaw described her together a "bright and also popular student" that was "much loved by staff and also students".

The Reverend Mike Rutter, the vicar of St Peter's, said: "It's a destructive tragedy and many in our ar will it is in affected.

Halesowen and Rowley Regis MP James Morris said he would be meeting officials of nationwide Express later to talk about bus safety.

Police claimed they would certainly be check Christina's profiles on social media websites as component of the investigation, but there to be nothing to imply she to be being targeted.

She is interpreted to have actually boarded the bus minutes before the attack, which happened at around 07:40 GMT.

The driver increased the alarm and attempts to be made to revive the teenager, however she passed away at the scene.

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Ch Insp Kerry Blakeman, head of operations for more secure Travel, one organisation run by West Midlands Police, British deliver Police and Centro, claimed Birmingham's buses were for sure to travel on.

"There is a reporting mechanism in between the buses and also the police and also officers deserve to be contacted immediately."