FANS that the A series Of regrettably Events books were surprised come disbsci-ch.orgver the the new Netflix collection had added a significant plot twist.

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A series Of Unfortunate occasions introduces 2 mysterious characters known just as Mother and also Father

Another said: “The plot twist around the parents in A series of Unfortunate events is therefore rude.”

Book readers will know that Mr and also Mrs Quagmire room members that the same mystery society as the Baudelaire parents and also have a similarly large fortune.

Unfortunately Mr and Mrs Quagmire eventually perish in a fire, and also Duncan and Isadora are sent out to Prufrock Preparatory school – whereby they fulfill the Baudelaires.



Will Arnett and bsci-ch.orgbie Smulders play Mother and also Father


The Baudelaire children were orphaned in a fire

It is assumed that Quigley additionally died in the blaze.

In later on books, the Baudelaires briefly think that one of their parents made it through the fire.

They find a web page from a rebsci-ch.orgrd called The Snicket record which reads: “Experts currently suspect that there might in truth be one survivor that the fire, yet the survivor’s whereabouts are unknown.”

The children assume that this method that among their parents can still be alive, yet the web page actually refers to Quigley Quagmire, who made it through the fire that eliminated his parents.

It is also revealed the the Baudelaire"s mommy is none other than Beatrice, Lemony Snicket"s previous love.

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