This A Raisin in the Sun test consists of 15 comprehension questions, 21 knowledge and evaluation questions, and 4 open-ended questions. That is intended as a last unit assessment. Test items come indigenous the A Raisin in the Sun Test device (145 customizable test questions).

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A Raisin in the Sun Multiple-choice Questions

1) This beat is collection in _________ in the _______.

A. Atlanta (in the) 1890sB. Brand-new York (in the) 1910sC. Los Angeles (in the) 1930sD. Chicago (in the) 1950s

2) What go Walter Lee desire to execute with the money indigenous the life insurance money policy?

A. Begin a businessB. To buy a carC. Relocate to one more cityD. Provide it come charity

3) Beneatha is not serious about dating George Murchison because…

A. That does not share her values.B. That is as well old.C. The is as well poor.D. They do not have actually “the special spark.”

4) If Mama had the means (opportunity and also time), she hobby would be…

A. To sing in the choir.B. Gardening.C. Traveling.D. Good arts (painting, sculpting, etc.)

5) What execute Beneatha and also Joseph Asagai mainly discuss throughout the play?

A. Politics and electionsB. A course assignmentC. The best ways to get richD. Their relationship

6) just how does Walter Lee react to Beneatha’s performance of traditional African culture?

A. He demands that she stop.B. The laughs at it and also makes funny of her.C. He join in.D. He gets angry and leaves.

7) Which personality is the very first to determine that Ruth should get an abortion?

A. Walter LeeB. Mrs. JohnsonC. BeneathaD. Ruth, herself

8) Which personality says, “Let’s face it… her heritage is nothing however a bunch that raggedy-a**ed spirituals and some grass huts!”?

A. George M.B. Joseph A.C. Walter LeeD. Mr. Lindner

9) Which family member selects the Clybourne Park community in the an initial place?

A. Walter LeeB. Huge Walter (before the died)C. MamaD. Ruth

10) Which an option accurately explains the stage directions composed by Lorraine Hansberry?

A. She gives minimal (very few) instructions because that the director to follow.B. She perform of options for the manager to consider.C. She gives comprehensive directions about the sets and also actions.D. Cheat question! She gives no directions.

11) who says, “I’ll occupational twenty hrs a day in every the kitchens… and scrub every the floors in America and also wash every the sheets in America if I need to – yet we obtained to MOVE!”?

A. MamaB. BeneathaC. RuthD. Walter Lee

12) Walter Lee phone call Mr. Lindner on the phone come tell the that…

A. They will certainly accept his offer.B. They will certainly NOT take his money.C. They will certainly be an excellent neighbors.D. Trick question! the does not contact Lindner.

13) The family members is most ashamed of Walter Lee once he…

A. Slaps Ruth.B. Acts the end a racist stereotype.C. Lies to Travis.D. Spits on the photo of his father.

14) at the finish of the play, Mama is ashamed of Walter Lee largely because…

A. He chooses money over his family.B. That disrespects his father’s memory.C. He is a “no-good loser.”D. Trick question! She is proud that him.

15) Beneatha Younger provides her decision around her future clear when…

A. She agrees to marry George.B. She agrees to marry Joseph.C. She claims that finding out is her just love.D. Trick question! she decision is not clear.

16) The idea that all people in the U.S. Have the opportunity to succeed through their very own efforts and talents is called…

A. The golden Rule.B. The American Dream.C. The fair Bargain.D. The United claims Standard.

17) “He is a lean, extreme young male in his center thirties, skinny to rapid nervous movements and also erratic speech actions – and always in his voice there is a high quality of indictment.” This excerpt is an example of…

A. Word choice (sense that time and place).B. Characterization (direct).C. Theme / main idea (symbolism).D. Word an option (analogies and also allusions).

18) Which selection accurately identify the main problem of the play?

A. Beneatha must choose in between George Murchison and Joseph Asagai.B. The family must decide exactly how to use the insurance allowance money.C. The Younger family vs. Clybourne ParkD. Lorraine Hansberry vs. Racism

19) “…but the carpet has actually fought earlier by reflecting its weariness, through depressing uniformity, somewhere else on that surface.” This quote is a prime example of…

A. Allusion (literary).B. Characterization (indirect).C. Structure (rising action).D. Word selection (personification).

20) “…Bitter? Man, i’m a volcano. Bitter? below I am a large surrounded by ants! Ants that can’t also understand what the is the gigantic is talking about.” This line is a prime instance of…

A. Structure (pacing).B. Structure (climax).C. Word an option (figurative language).D. Word an option (sense that time and place).

21) In a drama the term an ideas refers to…

A. Why a personality does what lock do.B. Events that relocate the plot forward.C. The impression the author wants to do on the audience.D. The staged movements and actions of the key characters.

22) Which choice accurately identifies the inciting occurrence of the plot?

A. Joseph proposes marriage.B. Walter Lee refuses Mr. Lindner’s money.C. Lindner provides to pay off the family.D. The insurance inspect arrives in the mail.

23) Which choice is the an interpretation of dialect?

A. A word’s feelings and also associations.B. A kind of a language that is specific to a region or group.C. The narrator’s perspective toward the topic of conversation.D. Exactly how the words help the leader imagine with their senses.

24) The symbolic facets of plants and also light are mostly associated to which theme subject?

A. Afri heritageB. Hopes and dreamsC. Dignity / prideD. Sexism

25) Which character represents the principle of systemic racism?

A. Mr. LindnerB. BoboC. BeneathaD. Mrs. Johnson

26) once the play refers to an idea or passage from the Bible, it is an instance of…

A. Bibliography.B. Allusion.C. Symbolism.D. Imagery.

27) Which an approach was NOT used by racists to keep black human being out of some neighborhoods?

A. Restrictive rule in home buying contractsB. Intimidation and violenceC. Unfair banking methods (loaning money)D. Trick question! every one of these.

28) based upon To be Young, Gifted, and Black, which choice is not a connection in between Hansberry’s real life and also the play?

A. Hansberry prospered up in the south Side community of Chicago.B. The Hansberry family lived in abject (extreme) poverty.C. The Hansberry family integrated a mostly white neighborhood.D. She father was a significant influence top top her.

29) i m sorry of the adhering to would no be an instance of a main source?

A. PhotographB. Piece of clothingC. Background textbookD. Handwritten letter

30) Booker T. Washington advised african Americans of his time to…

A. Relocate to West Africa.B. Occupational hard, conserve money, and also overcome prejudice gradually.C. Use whatever method necessary (even violence) to practice voting rights.D. Gain progressed degrees as doctors, lawyers, professors, and also engineers.

31) Which selection is LEAST necessary as an aspect of the play’s historic context?

A. The great DepressionB. Decolonization in AfricaC. The Civil legal rights MovementD. The Women’s Movement

32) The scene whereby Walter Lee must decide if he will certainly take money indigenous the Clybourne Park advancement Association is best identified as…

A. Satirical.B. Allegorical.C. Metaphorical.D. Climactic.

33) What is the term because that the dismissal that one’s own society in order to adopt bulk culture?

A. Indoctrination.B. Cohabitation.C. Assimilation.D. Misappropriation.

34) The ___________ the Walter’s performance as Flaming Spear shifts from stunner to serious.

A. Point of viewB. AspectC. ToneD. Imagery

35) Which choice is not an result of structure?

A. MysteryB. MotivationC. TensionD. Suspense

36) Which choice is the finest example of Hansberry’s usage of ambiguity?

A. Travis takes happiness in the death of the rat.B. The outcome of the relocate is unknown.C. Walter Lee provides the N-word.D. Mama reveals the her small plant is in reality a grape vine.

A Raisin in the Sun Open-ended Questions

37) describe the thematic prominence of Beneatha’s hair in A Raisin in the Sun.

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38) Joseph Asagai explains that Alaiyo means “One because that whom food is not enough.” What is the significance of this nickname?

39) explain this excerpt in terms of characterization:

WALTER (As that dances with RUTH) girlfriend know, once these brand-new Negroes have actually their convention— (Pointing at his sister)—that is walking to be the chairman that the Committee on unending Agitation. (He goes on dancing, climate stops) Race, race, race! … Girl, ns do believe you room the first person in the history of the entire human gyeongju to effectively brainwash yourself. … I can just watch that chick someday looking down at some negative cat top top an operation table and also before she starts to part him, she states … (Pulling his sleeves earlier maliciously) “By the way, what are your see on civil legal rights down there? …”

40) define this quote in regards to symbol and theme:

MAMA solving my tree so the won’t gain hurt none on the way. …BENEATHA the raggedy-looking old thing?MAMA (Stopping and also looking in ~ her) it expresses ME!

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