Which that the statements below correctly explains an achiral molecule? A) The molecule has a nonsuperimposable winter image. B) The molecule exhibits optical activity when the interacts through plane-polarized light. C) The molecule has an enantiomer. D) The molecule can be a meso form. E) none of the above
Which that the complying with statements correctly pertains to a pair of enantiomers? A) They revolve the airplane of polarized light by precisely the same amount and also in the contrary directions. B) They rotate the aircraft of polarized light by differing quantities and in the contrary directions. C) They rotate the airplane of polarized light by differing quantities and in the same direction. D) The have various melting points. E) They have the exact same melting point, but they have different boiling points.

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Can one predict even if it is a compound v a solitary asymmetric carbon is dextro- or levorotatory based upon the R/S assignment in ~ this asymmetric carbon? describe briefly
No. R/S assignment is purely a convention that nomenclature and also is fully independent of the direction in i m sorry plane-polarized irradiate is rotated through the compound
) If (S)-glyceraldehyde has actually a certain rotation the -8.7°, what is the specific rotation the (R)-glyceraldehyde?
A freshly isolated organic product was shown to it is in optically active. If a solution of 2.0 g in 10 mL the ethanol in a 50 cm tube provides a rotation of +2.57°, what is the specific rotation the this organic product?
The specific rotation of pure (-)-2-butanol is -13.5°. What % the a mixture that the two enantiomeric develops is the (+)-form if the details rotation that this mixture is +7.0°?
(-)-Lactic acid has a specific rotation that -3.8°. What is the particular rotation that a equipment containing 7.5 g of (-)-lactic acid and also 2.5 g the (+)-lactic acid?
Calculate the e.e. The a mixture include 8.0 g the (-)-glyceraldehyde and also 2.0 g of (+)-glyceraldehyde.
Yes. The existence of asymmetric carbons is not required for a molecule to it is in chiral. The only need is that the molecule be nonsuperimposable through its mirror image. Structural functions other 보다 asymmetric carbons can lead to chirality.

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If the pure configuration at an asymmetric carbon does not change during the course of a reaction, the reaction is stated to take place with __________ that stereochemistry
__________ is the usage of an optically active reagent or catalyst to transform an optically inactive starting material into an optically active product.