The present needs to be up since the ar of the magnet is going right into the south pole.

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Suppose I point my right-hand fingers at the magnet, and have the ignorance in the upward direction, climate my palm will suggest left. The direction that the push is where my palm points.


A magnet is hung through a string and also then put near a wire together shown. Once the move is closed, the magnet rotates such that the end of the magnet relocate as suggested by the arrows.


At the prompt the switch is close up door determine:

Part A. The direction the the existing through the cable segment nearest the magnet. Explain. (Hint: Think that the magnet as a compass needle responding to the magnet ar that is present.)

Part B. The direction of the force exerted by the magnet ~ above the wire segment (assume the magnet is in the position shown). Explain.

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