TAMPA, Fla. (bsci-ch.org) – as soon as you are a teenager, the believed of being different can it is in terrifying. Your friends, your classmates, and also your peers might not have the ability to relate to you.

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Now, I desire you to consider being a teenager and choosing to be different.

Would you have the courage to execute it?

Reece lane possesses that power. She is the only female on the junior varsity football team at tree High school in Tampa.

“I was like, ‘I have to make myself stand out somehow in high school,’” defined Reece, a 16-year-old sophomore, “so I assumed that the was the perfect opportunity.”

The Opportunity

Her “perfect opportunity” started to take form in December. Lane, who was a student in the first year on the flag football team in ~ the time, stood on a football field with her father, Craig, tossing the ball back and forth.

“He to be like, ‘Can you try to kick it?’ since when he remained in high school, a most the kickers ~ above the football team come from soccer and also I additionally play soccer,” stated Lane, “so ns kicked it.”

Lane admitted she surprised herself.

“I did no think i was walking to have the ability to do it because I assumed soccer would be together a various thing 보다 football, friend know, the shapes and stuff,” she said. “I assumed it would totally throw me off and I would completely bomb it and also hit that backward.”

When she kicked it, she sent the ball cruising straight with the uprights. Her father can not contain his excitement.

“He to be like, ‘You could actually do this, it is in on the team,’” she said, “so the is exactly how it involved be.”

The Tryouts

Lane go not recognize what to expect as soon as she stepped top top the field for the first day the tryouts yet she knew she was prepared. She had practiced kicking until she felt confident.

“I was like, ‘I can do this,’” she recalled.

However, she still felt choose a stranger to the sport.

“It was really scary because I have seen soccer games and also stuff however it is a fully different experience when you are actually top top the field with other people so i was totally terrified,” she said. “It was not what I expected at all. You do not really view what goes on behind the scene at the practices and also the tryouts so that was definitely something different that I have never done prior to but I uncovered my way in ~ a pair of minutes and I go from there.”

The Moment

You may have actually assumed lane received an email from the coach, which she would have actually opened in the privacy of she home, welcoming her to the team. If girlfriend did envision that unfolding in that manner, you would be mistaken.

The surname of the football player on the team showed up on a paper of file publicly shown at a soccer meeting. Lane attended the meeting through her dad.

“We went but I was no expecting to be on the team,” she said, “because there was already another kicker. Ns was like, ‘Psh, i am no going to do it,’ and then, my surname was on the list.”

How did she reaction to see her surname on that piece of paper?

“I was yes, really excited,” she said, “because ns was like, ‘If i am great enough to be on the team, then that means it can go further.’”

The Team

While that would have actually been understandable for lane to be an outsider and to expropriate her function as an outsider, she said she feels favor an same on this team.

“After a pair of days, it really ended up being natural and also I started making friends and now, i feel more like one of them,” she said. “It take it time and it absolutely was scary however now, i am yes, really glad since I am fitting in more.”

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The head coach the the team, man Shepherd, said me the whole experience has actually been “fantastic” for everyone associated in it.

“I am excited the she chose to come out and play,” claimed Shepherd. “She comes the end here and also she is just one more player, an additional teammate. Ns love having her here.”

Unfortunately, as the second-string kicker, Lane has actually only had one chance to absent in a game and also is still wait to put her an initial points on the scoreboard.

The Effect

Lane, in an effort to elevate herself, chose to it is in different, and also consequently, she said she has actually been questioned because of it.

“There were absolutely a many of civilization who thought that i was crazy because that what i was doing and also I thought I was crazy because that what i was doing,” she included matter-of-factly, “but a lot of of people were like, friend know, ‘Why are you doing that? it is sort of weird.’”

Those comment did no bother her due to the fact that she flipped them into a type of motivation.

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“When civilization said those varieties of things to me, the method that I kind of placed that turn off was ns was like, ‘No. What they space saying is fully wrong. The is no true. Ns will absolutely make mine mark and do well because I desire to execute well in what i do,’ so type of the means that ns thought around it is to store my head up, to perform well at what you space going come do, and also to prove castle wrong,” she said. “I was informing myself come be an excellent at what you space doing and then, that will make various other people, who questioned you, check out that that is possible.”

By bypassing the movie critics by performing come the finest of her ability, roadway is now a duty model.

I actually caught her chatting with among the coaches’ daughters, Lydia, during practice. Lydia said me she at first spotted lane on the field because she wears blue cleats.

“She is the just girl who plays football,” declared Lydia. “I think it is at sight good.”

“That is really cool,” claimed Lane once I mutual this story v her while referring to her together a role model. “I would never think the that is feasible but do the efforts something new opened up a most things. It absolutely made me feel much more comfortable come try new things and I definitely want other people to feel the same means that trying brand-new things have the right to actually rotate out to be yes, really good.”

The Future

Lane plans come play football for the tree Panthers v high school, citing her development and she enjoyment together the two key reasons.

“It is really fun and I love the setting and all of the world I am around constantly,” she said, “and i think that everything I put my psychic to, I can do; so I obtained to store practicing and see how much I get and also see wherein I want to go.”

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