I have seen and also heard words homogeneous used to refer to a multiracial or multicultural society, whereas i would have used heterogeneous. For sure homogeneous describes an “unmixed” team of people or things?

Homogeneous is from a Greek word an interpretation “of the very same kind.” the is frequently used in the paper definition of explicate a team of civilization who are every one of one race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. Because that example, till 1932 as soon as Hattie Caraway of Arkansas ended up being the an initial woman to win election to the us Senate, that governing body was homogeneous in the it was comprised entirely of men. The following examples illustrate this definition of homogeneous:

Pastors in the unified States need to be intended in making their congregations less homogeneous and more multi-ethnic, claims the pastor of one of the fastest farming churches in the country.

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Countries in Europe and also Northeast Asia have tendency to be the most homogenous , sub-Saharan African nations the most diverse.

Note: In the 2nd example, the assignment homogenous is an error. Words spelled homogenous (without the 2nd e) is offered in biology with the definition “having a usual descent.” because that example, “Any graft, either autogenous or homogenous, that is not automatically required deserve to be stored for use at a later date.”

Heterogeneous is native a Greek word definition “of different kinds.” it may also be offered to explain inanimate objects and groups of people:

Now occupants of highly educated, high income, racially mixed neighborhoods are frequently attracted to interethnic heterogeneous churches.

Rubbish is created of a heterogeneous mixture of discarded materials and is mainly of household origin. That is consisted of principally the paper, rags, wood, glass, crockery, bottles, tin cans, and numerous other wastes. 

The melting pot is a an allegory for a heterogeneous culture becoming much more homogeneous, the different facets “melting together” right into a harmonious totality with a typical culture. 

The “melting pot” example offers a clue to the evident contradiction the the reader has actually noticed in “the usage of homogeneous used to refer to a multiracial or multicultural society.”

For example, a group might include a mix of various races, however be the exact same in some various other respect:

“Unlike state prisons, which virtually exclusively hold civilization serving state sentences, jail populaces are heterogeneous, making lock particularly an overwhelming to manage,” the report said.

In this context, detainees in a state jail are viewed as a homogeneous group, in contrast to prisoners in a local jail. The prison inmates, every little thing their gyeongju or gender, room homogeneous in the they are all there for the exact same reason: all room serving state sentences. What makes the jail inmates heterogeneous is not race or gender, however the fact that castle have different reasons because that being there.

Perhaps the most controversial that all philosophical dilemmas concerning the structuring of human being within the center school is the homogeneous versus heterogeneous group debate.

In this context, a “homogeneous grouping” would consist of children of comparable abilities, conversely, a “heterogeneous grouping” would include kids of differing abilities.

When lawgiver speak of the necessity to develop “a homogeneous multiracial society,” your goal is a culture in i beg your pardon race, ethnicity, and religion are of second importance to a sense of public equality and also consciousness the a mutual culture.

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3 Responses come “Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous”

venqaxon April 30, 2015 4:44 pm

“When lawgiver speak that the requirement to produce “a homogeneous multiracial society,” your goal is a society in which race, ethnicity, and also religion room of second importance to a feeling of public equality and also consciousness that a mutual culture.”

It is? I always just assumed castle didn’t recognize what the word meant. There are definitely other examples of that.

Maeveon April 30, 2015 6:27 pm

Venqax,There’s that too. I can be analysis too much right into it.

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Vali Jamalon might 12, 2015 11:24 am

You view homogenous quite typically these days. Slightly turn off base: the word I hate to view is humungous (for enormous).