The brief story “A Haunted House” is story with meaning, by portraying to united state the treasure of life. When two ghosts are browsing through your old house, trying to find their “Treasure”, the sweetheart or an interpretation is revealed to us. The joy and also love shared in between two people is the treasure, the endowment of life. By utilizing irony and stream of awareness Virginia Woolf is may be to disclose the definition of the story.

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Virginia Woolf uses a style called the “Stream of Consciousness”, revealing the resides of her characters by revealing your thoughts and associations. Us learn about the ghosts past by see what lock thoughts and associated through there pasts. For example when they to be discussing fatality she put ” “Here us slept,” she said. And he adds, “Kisses without number.” “Waking in the morning_” “Silver between the trees.” “Upstairs-” “In the garden-” “When summer came-” “In the winter snowtime-” “( A Haunted home Pg. 321). This quote shows us what places and also actions the ghosts associate through there joy and love. Utilizing stream of consciousness offers us a better feeling the what the personalities are walk through, which in turn offers us a much better understanding that the meaning.

We also see the use of irony, making use of a native or expression to average the precise opposite the its literal meaning or regular meaning. The irony is the the story is title “A Haunted House” which made united state think the the home was an evil place. The house ends increase being where every thing great happens. The ghosts did no haunt the world , instead they make them realize the treasure lock have. Through seeing how much the ghosts valued finding your treasure it renders the people take a more tough look in ~ what their treasure is, the love and joy castle share. That is really evident as soon as she states ” now they discovered it, one would certainly be certain, preventing the pencil ~ above the margin. And also then, tired of reading, one can rise and see for one self”(A Haunted house Pg. 321). The irony draws use in by making united state think that we are about read a trivial ghost story, yet instead, gives us a depth and much more meaningful translate of people life.

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By Virginia Woolfs use of, streaming consciousness and irony she is rather substantially able to portray she thoughts ~ above the an interpretation of “A Haunted House”. That the joy and also love shared in between two world is the sweetheart of life.