Kids will love colouring in these free printables of cumulative nouns. Not only does that teach them around collective noun in a fun means but they'll it is in fascinated through the story of exactly how it come about. This one is a pod of whales.

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What are cumulative nouns and how are they used?

Collective noun are used to explain a team of objects or pets thinking or relocating the very same way.

For example, you might see a few bees in her garden: One flying over the garden, one sitting on a flower and the various other is chasing your brother. This is just three bees.

If those bees are chasing her brother in ~ the very same time, he is dealing with a swarm the bees. Watch out!

Pod of whales

Whales are mammals and also not fish as part think. This means they are heat blooded and breath air, just like humans.

Whales live in groups called pods. This is prefer a family, yet they don"t have to be blood pertained to belong to a pod. Whales live and also travel in pods for protection yet the bond in between a mother and also her calf is the strongest.

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Print your very own pod the whales colouring page.


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