Is a geometric number with three sides and three angles?

A triangle in which all 3 angles space equal in measure and also all three sides have actually the same length. An edge formed external the polygon by expanding on side. In a triangle, the measure of an exterior angle equals the sum of the procedures of the two remote interior angles.

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What is a closeup of the door geometric figure made up of three or more line segments?

Polygon: A polygon is a aircraft figure is explained by having three or an ext straight line segments meeting only at their endpoints and is associated to form a closed geometric figure.

How countless line segments room in a polygon?

A polygon is a closed number where the sides room all line segments. Every side should intersect precisely two others sides however only at their endpoints. The sides should be noncollinear and have a usual endpoint. A polygon is usually called after how many sides the has, a polygon v n-sides is referred to as a n-gon.

What is the common endpoint that the political parties of an angle?

The typical endpoint is called the peak of the angle, and the light ray are called the sides of the angle.

What execute you contact the polygons with equal sides?

In Euclidean geometry, a consistent polygon is a polygon the is equiangular (all angles space equal in measure) and also equilateral (all sides have the very same length).

Will 2 triangles of exact same area constantly be congruent Why?

The triangles having equal locations need not be congruent , i.e. The triangle that space congruent have actually equal area. However if ABC and also DEF have actually equal locations then that does not typical that they have actually equal political parties or same angles.

Can two triangles with different perimeters room congruent?

If 2 triangles space congruent, then each component of the triangle (side or angle) is congruent come the corresponding part in the various other triangle. In enhancement to sides and angles, all other properties that the triangle room the very same also, such as area, perimeter, location of centers, one etc.

Do every triangles have actually the exact same area?

Any triangles through the very same perimeter and also area and also with one side the exact same are congruent. The area the a triangle is half of the product of the base and also the perpendicular height, so offered the base and also the area, the elevation is fixed.

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Which similarity building is used for do above comparable triangles?

Answer: The SAS Similarity Theorem states that one triangle’s edge is congruent to one more triangle’s corresponding angle such the the lengths that the sides, and also these angles, room in proportion, climate one deserve to say that the triangles space similar.


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