A type for record transactions in chronological order. Journal.
Recording transactions in a journal.

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Information for each transaction videotaped in a journal. Entry.
A journal through two lot columns in which every kinds the entries deserve to be recorded. General Journal.
The record of debit and also credit parts of a transaction. Double-Entry Accounting.
A business document from which details is acquired for a newspaper entry. Source Document.
Abusiness record from bespeak a financial institution to pay cash from a financial institution account. Check.
A type describing the goods or solutions sold, the quantity, and also the price. Invoice.
An invoice ised as a source document for record a revenue on account. Sales Invoice.
A business form giving composed ackowledgement for cash recived. Receipt.
A type on i m sorry a brief message is composed describing a transaction. Memorandum.
Information in a journal consists of the debit and credit parts of each transaction tape-recorded in one place. True.
The objective Evidence audit concept requires that there be proof that a transaction walk occur. True.
Examples of resource documents encompass checks, sales invoices, memorandums, and letters. False.
A check is a sorce file used once items room paid in cash.

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Check and also sales invoices space prenumbered in succession to assist account because that them. True.
A receipt is the source document for cash received from transactions other than sales. True.
A calculator tape if the source documebt for everyday slaes. True.
The accounts affected when cash is received from the owner together an investment are Cash and also the resources Account. True.
When cash is paid for supplies, the Cash account is credited. True.
When cash is offered to pay because that insurance, the legacy account Prepaid insurance decreases. False.
The source document used once supplies room ordered by telephone ~ above account is a memorandum. True.
The source paper used when supplies to buy on account are paid because that is a check. True.
When cash is obtained from sales, both the Cash account and also the Sales account space increased. True.
The source file Sales Invoice No. 1 is abbreviated together S1 in a journal entry. True.
When solutions are sold on account, an heritage account and a revenue account are affected. True.
The accounts affected when paying cash because that rent space Rent Expense and Cash. True.
When cash is obtained on account, one heritage account increases and another asset account decreases. True.
The accounts influenced when paying cash to the owner for personal used space the illustration account and Cash. True.
If there is just one empty line remaining on a newspaper page, that is standard practice to break-up the netry and record the 2nd lime that the entry on the following page. False.
To correc an error in a journal , simply erase the not correct item and also write the correct item in the exact same place. False.
Dollars and also cens signs and also decimal points should be used when writing quantities on ruled accountancy pages. False.