The values of style are a kind of ________ that artists use to the facets of art.

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A flat work that art has two dimensions: ________ and also width.


The dark printed words on the page of a publication are conveniently read since they are printed on a light ground. This is an instance of the principle of ________.


One an interpretation of this aspect is "a mark that connects 2 points."


The line that defines the sheet of a shape is dubbed the ________.


The lines that develop the picture of the Nazca Spider "drawing" define the ________ that a ________.


The artist Dosio, in his illustration of the Church of Saint Spirito, created an impression of three dimensions by using line to present the division between ________.


In his drawing of the Church that Saint Spirito, Dosio supplied line to emphasize the patterned surface ar of the ceiling and differentiate it from the ________.


In the illustration indigenous the manga Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, the artists offered diagonal lines to produce a solid sense of ________.


Pick the 3 words the would best describe a constant line.

Controlled, Cool-headed, Geometric

Mel Bochner supplied ________ heat in the work Vertigo due to the fact that it is controlled and also measured.


In a 1941 drawing the brother artist Barbara Hepworth used line to plan a ________.


Three words the can define irregular line are:

Loose, Wild, Chaotic

The French artist André Masson wished to discover the psychological resource of creative thinking through his "automatic" ink illustrations of ________ lines.


The scribbled illustration of Jean Dubuffet’s Suite avec 7 Personnages characterizes it as a drawing that exhibits ________.

Irregular line

A line the is a consistent mark is ________.

an actual Line

A line that provides viewers the impression the they space seeing a line wherein there is no a consistent mark is ________.

implied line

Some Jewish texts develop images utilizing this kind of line comprised of little letters.

Implied Line

The Dutch design team Sauerkids provided ________ present of dots and also dashes in its job-related to produce exciting visual rhythms.


By orienting currently so the they tempt attention to a certain area the a occupational of art the artist is making use of ________.

Directional Lines

In James Allen’s etching The Connectors, picture of employees erecting the realm State Building, the artist developed a feeling of good height by making use of ________ line to command the viewer’s eye diagonally downward.


In Francisco Goya’s The 3rd of May, 1808, the artist offered a selection of actual and implied lines to entice attention to particular points within the composition. Currently that draw the viewer’s attention in this way are recognized as ________ lines.


If upright lines connect strength, horizontals calm, and diagonals action, climate a vacation resort might want to choose a logo consisting the ________ present in order to present peaceful repose.


The combination of jarring vertical and also diagonal lines in Vincent valve Gogh’s The Bedroom creates an atmosphere of ________.


Contour line specifies the external edge or profile of one object, and also can be used to imply a volume in space.


Henri Matisse attracted Woman sit in one Armchair making use of ________ heat so that he might represent her number with good economy while gift descriptive.


In Pablo Picasso’s Blonde woman in Profile, the artist provides a ________ heat that adheres to the border of the model’s profile.


A form made the perfectly directly lines would more than likely be classified together ________ shape.

A geometric

This type of form is composed of unpredictable, irregular lines.


Miriam Schapiro’s collage infant Blocks combines two different kinds of shape. ________ is the term offered to describe a form that suggests the herbal world, when the term geometric suggests mathematical regularity.


The ball that designer Saul Bass developed for the AT&T logo is not characterized by a constant boundary. This kind of shape, which can be suggested by dots or currently that perform not connect, is termed ________ shape.

An implied

A form on a flat snapshot surface that is defined by bordering empty space is well-known as ________ shape.

a positive

An empty an are defined by its surround is recognized as ________ shape.

a negative

In his Obey campaign poster Shepard Fairey supplied a to mark contrast in between positive and ________ forms to entice the attention of the public.


In her painting Music—Pink and Blue II, Georgia O’Keeffe emphasized the blue ________ space order to entice the viewer’s attention right into a deep interior.


In a two-dimensional work, once the number becomes the background and the background i do not care the figure, we perceive ________.

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a figure-ground reversal

The optimistic and an unfavorable shapes in M. C. Escher’s print Sky and Water ns balance every other and are an instance of ________.