„A coward dies a thousands times before his death, but the valiant taste of death however once. It seems to me many strange that guys should fear, seeing the death, a vital end, will come as soon as it will come.“

— william Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Variant: Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste that death yet once. Of all the marvels that ns yet have heard, It appears to me many strange that guys should fear; Seeing that death, a essential end, will come once it will come.Source: Julius Caesar

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„Soldiers live. The dies and not you, and also you feeling guilty, because you're happy he died, and also not you. Soldiers live, and also wonder why.“

— glenn Cook, publication Soldiers Live

Source: Soldiers Live (2000), thing 99, “By the military Cemetery: missing Persons” (p. 664)Context: “It doesn’t make much sense, does it?” mine darling whispered come me. “People walk at the oddest times and also from the oddest causes.”“Soldiers live,” ns muttered.“You’re turning that right into a mantra.”“You feel guilty. Friend wonder why him and also not me, then you’re happy it was him and not you, then you feel guilty. Soldiers live. And wonder why.”


„I eliminated her once and also died because that her plenty of times“

— Ann Brashares, publication My surname is Memory

Source: My name Is Memory


„Cowards dice a thousand deaths, but the brave just die once.“

— Ernest Hemingway, publication A Farewell to Arms

Source: A Farewell come Arms


„You'll be cost-free child when you have actually diedfrom the bind of language and measurable time“

— Conor Oberst American musician 1980

Landlocked BluesI'm wide Awake, It's Morning (2005)


„I would certainly never have actually surrendered, since of mine pledge as a German officer. But when Hitler died, that pledge ended. By killing himself, Hitler conserved thousands the lives. Lock relieved us of our oaths as soldiers.“

— otto Skorzeny Austrian SS-Standartenführer (colonel) in the German Waffen-SS 1908 - 1975

To Jack Bell of the Chicago day-to-day News, together quoted in Scoop : An historical Adventure (2006) by James H. Walters, p. 34.

„But then i remembered something Grandmere had actually once assured me of: No one has ever died of embarrassment-never, not as soon as in the whole background of time.“

— Meg Cabot Novelist 1967

Source: Forever Princess

„And regarding you life, ns reckon you room the leavings of plenty of deaths, / No doubt i have passed away myself ten thousand times before.“

— Walt Whitman, tune of Myself

Source: tune of Myself

„They brought the soldier's biggest fear, which was the fear of blushing. Guys killed, and died, because they to be embarrassed not to.“

— Tim O'Brien, publication The things They Carried

The things They carried (1990)

„It will certainly be like the finish of time when the Queen dies.“

— Roy solid art chronicler from the uk 1935

„There had been many times as soon as man had been forced to embrace the only right opinion. Each time man’s front thrust had actually slackened, vegetated, and died. Once, through the dark ages, the period had lasted virtually a thousands years.“

— note Clifton, book They'd rather Be Right

Source: They'd fairly Be appropriate (1954), p. 19.

„Despite the fact that numerous thousands of civilization have died — and also that is a tragedy — i still think that it was the ideal thing to do.“

— Hazel Blears brother politician 1956

„The mind has actually a thousands eyes,And the heart however one;Yet the light of a whole life diesWhen love is done.“

— Francis william Bourdillon brother poet 1852 - 1921

"Light" (popularly well-known as "The Night has actually a thousands Eyes"), published in The Spectator (October 1873).Context: p>The Night has actually a thousands eyes,And the Day however one;Yet the irradiate of the bright civilization diesWith the dice sun.The mind has actually a thousands eyes,And the heart but one;Yet the irradiate of a entirety life diesWhen love is done.Heart, Light, Life, Love

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