Problem: in ~ a private school, 300 students and also faculty vote on adopting uniforms for students. The outcomes are displayed in the table below. Display the results of this poll in a circle graph.

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Adopt student Uniforms?
Yes 30
Not Sure 90

Analysis: In bespeak to draw a circle graph, we should represent the number for each response as a portion or together a percent.

Adopt student Uniforms?
Yes 30 
Not Sure 90 

Solution: The results of this vote have been displayed in the 2 circle graphs below. In the graph on the left, fountain are provided to label the data. In the graph top top the right, percents are used to label the data.


As you have the right to see, a one graph is easier to read as soon as a percent is used to brand the data. 

Example 1: A poll was taken to discover the music preferences of students in ~ Adams School. Each student voted only once. The outcomes of this poll are presented in the circle graph below.


circle graph shows how the parts of something relate to the whole. A one graph is split into sectors, wherein each sector represents a details category. The entire circle is 1 whole or 100%, and a sector of the circle is a part. Let"s specify the various regions the a circle graph.

titleThe location tells united state what the graph is about.
sectorsThe sectors of the circle graph present what percent of the totality is being represented by every category.
labelsThe labels identify the facts because that each category.

Now that we have figured out the parts of a one graph, we have the right to answer some questions around the graph in example 1.

Example 1: A poll to be taken to find the music choices of students in ~ Adams School. Each student voted only once. The outcomes of this poll are presented in the one graph below.

1.What is the one graph about?   Music choices of Students at Adams School
2.How countless sectors are in the graph? 5
3.Which type of music carry out students favor most? Rap
4.Which form of music do students choose least? Classical
5.What portion of students favor Alternative? 15%
6.What percent of students favor Rock and Roll? 28%
7.List the categories in the graph from best to least. Rap, Rock and also Roll, Alternative, Country and Classical

Note: one more name for a circle graph is a pie chart. As you deserve to see in the pie graph below, a slice of pie for nation music has actually been separated from the rest of the chart. (Note: together a separation is commonly done to emphasize the importance of a piece of information.)

Let"s look at some an ext examples of circle graphs.

Example 2: students in Ms. Green"s film course voted for your favorite movie genre. Each student voted only once. The results of this vote are displayed in the circle graph below.


1.What is the circle graph about?   Favorite Movie genres in Ms. Green"s movie Class
2.How numerous sectors are in the graph? 4
3.Which movie genre do Ms. Green"s students favor most? Comedy
4.Which movie genre carry out Ms. Green"s students favor least? Science Fiction
5.What portion of student prefer action movies? 29%
6.What percent of students favor horror movies? 20%
7.List the category in the graph from least to greatest. Science Fiction, Horror, Action, Comedy.

Let"s look at a modified version of example 2.

Example 3: college student in Ms. Green"s film class voted for their favorite movie genre. Each student voted just once. The outcomes of this vote are displayed in the one graph below.


The one graph in instance 3 has actually seven sectors which renders it an overwhelming to read. Although present were offered to attach some that the brand to their respective categories, this graph is too complicated because there is simply too lot information. In general, if over there are more than 5 or 6 categories in a set of data, climate a circle graph is not a good choice for displaying that data. You will certainly also notification that few of the sectors in the graph over have the very same values. Romance and Drama each represent 14% that the course vote; Foreign and also Science Fiction each represent 8% the the course vote. Together a result, it is complicated to check out the distinction in size of the slices in this graph. The data over would be clearer and easier to check out if the was displayed in a bar graph.

Summary: A circle graph shows exactly how the components of miscellaneous relate to the whole. A one graph is split into sectors, where each sector to represent a specific category. Circle graphs room popular due to the fact that they carry out a intuitive presentation that the whole and its parts. However, lock are best used for displaying data as soon as there are no much more than 5 or 6 sectors and when the values of each section are different.


Directions: refer to the circle graph below to answer every question. For each exercise below, click as soon as in the price BOX, type in her answer and also then click ENTER. Your answer must be provided as a native or together a totality number. After girlfriend click ENTER, a post will show up in the results BOX to show whether her answer is exactly or incorrect. To start over, click CLEAR.

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A survey was taken of i beg your pardon pets are bought by client at a Pet civilization store. Each customer voted only once. The results of this inspection are shown in the circle graph below.