I i agree to shot the Water Gallon an obstacle (drinking a gallon of water a day because that a month). Ns think I'll invest in a gallon water jug if ns decide to perform this much longer than a day. But, in the meantime, to get me started, can you tell me how many cups there room in a gallon?

Converting from Gallons to Cups

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Hi Jeff. Wow, a gallon is a most water to drink in a day - just just how much will certainly become obvious in this article. Prior to I start, i do must say that I will certainly be looking in ~ this purely to price your inquiry of how countless cups there are in a gallon. I'm not going to cover the angle of whether it's healthy and balanced or no (I'm not medically qualified because that that).

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When spring at converting gallons come cups, your geographical location becomes important. Why? Well, there are multiple measurements for both the gallon and also the cup. You haven't claimed where you are based, so I will certainly cover every countries.

The gallon is a unit of measure for liquid volume. A us liquid gallon procedures 3.785 liters (rounded), where-as the imperial (UK) gallon measures 4.546 litres (rounded). That's a significant difference - the imperial gallon is 20% larger than the united state gallon. the must because of this become an important consideration for the Water Gallon difficulty - you can be drink an extra 20% if you usage UK measurements.

Gallon measurements

us liquid gallon: 3.785411784 L us dry gallon: 4.405 together (rarely used) royal (UK) gallon: 4.54609 L

Cup measurements

When it involves the cup, there space again different sizes. The three main ones to be aware of are:

us cup: 236.588 mL royal cup (pre-1970s UK recipes): 284.131 mL Metric cup (used in UK and Commonwealth countries): 250 mL

That's the background info done. Let's relocate on come the yes, really conversions...

US gallon to cups

1 Gallon (US, fluid) = 16 cups (US) 1 Gallon (Dry, US) = 18.618355 cup (US)

UK gallon to cups

1 Gallon (UK, imperial) = 16 cups (UK, imperial) 1 Gallon (UK, imperial) = 18.18436 cup (metric)

Bearing in psychic the 20% difference between the us gallon and also imperial gallon, if you're in the UK and looking to carry out the 'Water Gallon Challenge' you may want to take into consideration the counter for united state gallons to metric cups. 1 Gallon (US, fluid) = 15.1416 metric cups.

Gallons to cup conversion table

Featured below is a referral table of switch to aid you watch how numerous cups there room in a gallon. This graph assumes you're either making use of the US fluid gallon and also cup or the UK gallon and also imperial cup.

For aid with converting between other variants the the gallon and cup, or to convert a specific variety of gallons not displayed in this chart, please give the liquid volume converter a try.

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Gallon (liquid)CupsGallon (liquid)Cups

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