We are resolving math through my friend and also have a controversial situation has appeared) Help, please know what is the prize of 5-5*5+5?!


The order of to work is P.E.M.D.A.S, which refers to Parentheses -Exponents - main point - divide - include - Subtract.With this problem: 5-5*5+5

The first operation follow to PEMDAS,is the 5*5 (multiplication)


Then we do the enhancement and subtraction, it is normally solved native left come right


The price is -15


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It need to follow the complying with Operations in order, multiplication - enhancement - subtraction.Hence,5-5*5+5= 5-25+5= 10-25= -15


how is the answer -15 bc pemdas states that you have actually to add before subtract so if you perform 25 (which you obtained from multiplying 5x5) +5 you get 30 (because including comes prior to subtraction) and also then u subtract the other 5 and you gain thirty so explain how u acquired -15


When utilizing PEMDAS, the rule state the from M&D, you perform whichever comes very first left to right, and for A&S you do the same. Therefore you read the equation left come right, you execute not do every one of the addition very first and climate subtract.

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7, 16, 8, 27, 9, ? what is the next number in the sequence?The inquiry is related to IQ or psychological aptitude test, for this reason we will certainly not be using any kind of formula here. These type of questions deserve to be solved by various logic:Given sequence;7, 16, 8, 27, 9, ? If term is 7 then 2nd is (7+1) *2, 3rd is (7+1) then forth is (7+2) *3, 5th is (7+2) then sixth is (7+3) *4=40, likewise it goes..... So the prize is 40. Ns hope the price is correct together this sort of question will be having actually options, so us may inspect from there together well. Note: sometimes the prize doesn't match, it means question machine has used different logic then ours. I may explain you that also. We may talk about further details through messages.

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