A respond to is a sequential circuit that goes through a prescribed succession of claims upon the application of entry pulses. The intake pulses called count pulses, may be clock pulses, or they may originate native an external source and may occur at prescribed intervals of time or in ~ random.

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Synchronous Counter

Synchronous counters space designed in together a way that the clock pulses are used to the CP inputs of all the flip-flops. The common pulse triggers every the flip-flops simultaneously, quite than one in ~ a time in succesion. In the 3-bit synchronous counter, we have used three j-k flip-flops. As in the diagram, The J and K entry of FF0 are connected to HIGH. The input J and also K that FF1 are connected to theoutput of FF0, and the J and also K input of FF2 are linked to the output of an and gate, i m sorry is fed through the outputs that FF0 and FF1.


Timing Diagram


Binary state sequence

0 0 0
0 0 1
0 1 0
0 1 1
1 0 0
1 0 1
1 1 0
1 1 1

Components used:

We offered the following materials for this experiment-

How to make connection:

After beginning the experiment very first click top top the Components button to obtain component list. Now you can Drag and Drop any type of component in the circuit developing area. To make connection in between components, just click on the Blue bubble of any type of components and Drag it to an additional Blue bubble the the same or any kind of other components. Come delete connection or come remove any kind of component usage Double click on that component or connection.

How to run:

After connenting every the forced components,click top top the Start button and you will gain a new start window, where you can provide the inputs. ~ this,you click the run button and finally the outputs space shown.

Qn. Style a 2-Bit Synchronous Binary Counter. Ans:

Figure: 2-bit synchronous binary respond to
Fig: time diagram In the 2-bit synchronous bnary counter, we have used 2 J-K flip-flops as displayed in the above figure. The clock pulse is provided to both the flip-flops FF0 and FF1.

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The J and also K input of FF0 is connected to the high input. The calculation of FF0 is linked to the J and also K input of FF1.