You can calculate the variety of which 22 is 44 percent by using proportions. 44 percent is 44/100, so friend can collection that 22 / x = 44 /100., and solve for x. X = 22 * 100 / 44 = 50. Then 22 is the 44 percent that 50, which you have the right to verify now calculating the 44 percent of 50 together 50*44/10 = 22. 22 is 44 percent that 50.

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John request the cashier to adjust a twenty-dollar bill into smaller bills. If the cashier gave him a ten-dollar bill and a five-d it is either an additional 5 dollar invoice or 5 ones. It have the right to be both.

Step-by-step explanation: reason if he has 20 disagreement bill and also he offers him a 10 dollar bill and a 5 dollar invoice he would have actually 15 dollars, for this reason the cashier might give him a 5 dollar invoice or 5 ones. But if you make it realistic, is someone going to take their time and also give you 5 one dissension bills, or simply one 5 dollar bill. Girlfriend pick.

hope this helps.

(7^3)^2+\sqrt<2>(6^2)^1-\sqrt<4>(4^4)^3\implies \sqrt<3>(7^2)^3+\sqrt<2>(6^1)^2-\sqrt<4>(4^3)^4 \\\\\\ 7^2+6-4^3\implies 49+6-64\implies -9" alt="\bf 343^\frac23+36^\frac12-256^\frac34\qquad \begincases 343=7\cdot 7\cdot 7\\ \qquad 7^3\\ 36=6\cdot 6\\ \qquad 6^2\\ 256=4\cdot 4\cdot 4\cdot 4\\ \qquad 4^4 \endcases\\\\\\ (7^3)^\frac23+(6^2)^\frac12-(4^4)^\frac34 \\\\\\ \sqrt<3>(7^3)^2+\sqrt<2>(6^2)^1-\sqrt<4>(4^4)^3\implies \sqrt<3>(7^2)^3+\sqrt<2>(6^1)^2-\sqrt<4>(4^3)^4 \\\\\\ 7^2+6-4^3\implies 49+6-64\implies -9" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">to watch what you can take the end of the radical, friend can always do a fast "prime factoring" of the values, that means you have the right to break it in factors to watch who is what.

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A optimistic slope is a heat going increase from the bottom left towards the peak right corner of the graph.