I keep reading here and also learning about my brand-new truck. My recent surprise is finding the end the fuel filter is inside the tank rather than inline.

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My '88 Chevy needed 5 inline filter replacements over 87,000 miles (first one in ~ 3000). I had to replace the pump just prior to trading. The price for replacing the pump (tank removal) was around $500 contrasted to a $12 DIY filter job.


Why the helll would GM placed the filter inside? ns hope I'm absent some advancement that provides filter transforms a point of the past, however I can't imagine what. I'm concerned this is going to it is in an ongoing issue as long as I own the truck. Even if the new filters go twice as long, it's tho a tank removal job (and tow) every 30,000 miles.


What's the consensus? Anybody had a clogged filter in their '04 or newer truck?

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Posted august 25, 2009




Lifetime components are great marketing - consumers think they're saving money through not having actually to have actually the component serviced, dealers still fee the same rates as as soon as they did organization the component during routine maintenance, and the manufacturers charge much more for the instead of parts.


Everybody wins except us



If you take it the filter out of the tank then the pump will certainly pump dirty fuel and die quickly. The returnless mechanism is really trouble free. Dont waste the time or money, numerous trucks & dare have way over 150K ~ above OEM installed pumps.


'pineland' there isnt money in fuel filters that YOU deserve to change, take it it to the good ole GM Goodwrench! however you have the right to take the one out of your tank and add one yourself if you desired.

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