Vehicle should be either fitted with, or have the ability to assistance Satellite Radio

Hyundai Santa fe Radio must have an "Xm" button to be compatible

Not compatible through Hyundainavigation radios

This auxiliary interface is produced Hyundai radios . Ideal for iPod iphone mp3 players, portable Dvd players, handheld Gps, laptops and gaming systems.Product Features

Plug-and-play environment maintains factory wiring integrity

Direct audio input to manufacturing facility Hyundai radio for maximum sound top quality

Two separate inputs Rca and 3.5mm mini jack - for usage a multitude of assistant audio sources

Retains factory-installed satellite radio

Vehicle Applications

2007-2008 Hyundai Santa Fe aux entry

For more Information call 1-407-933-1065

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Rca Jack to 3.5MM stereotype plug aux input Hi-Clarity Audio 3.5mm to rca jacks Cable come be use with any AUX interface. This high-quality cables give you crisp, clear sound. The dual conductor is 90 percent spiral-wrapped, which offers shielding against electromagnetic and also radio frequency interference. The connectors room color-coded for easy installation and identification and administer excellent strain relief. Audio Y Adapter Cables allow you to split a signal or it is adapted from RCA jacks to3.5mm


For an ext Information speak to 1-800-727-1466


Dash mountable auxiliary input jack adapter provides factory finish look. Connects come virtually any kind of audio source. IPod iphone mp3 smartphone 3.5mm come RCA adapter included. Extends auxiliary input. Connector labeled "AUDIO INPUT" gives audio input only - no controls. No charging


connect to an present AUX entry in the vehicle. relocate the jack if its in an undesirable place like the earlier seat, facility console, gloves box etc. affix to any type of audio Adapter that likewise has an AUX input. Relocate the aux input indigenous the module that the adapter, to a convenient connection point. If you space going to mountain this into the dash or console, girlfriend will need to drill a 3/8" feet to insert the into.

For more information speak to 1-800-727-1466


USB automobile Charger for iPhone, iPod, Android, or any kind of USB device. Keeps portable devices fully charged. Install into the dash panel, facility console or under-dash because that a clean manufacturing facility look. USB port allows for charging of just around any USB permitted device. works perfectly in any type of vehicle. 5-volt power capacity because that quick and efficient charging.

Product Features

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USB power Cable. 1.0A 5-volt USB output 56" size cable. USB Type-A woman connector. In-line fuse holder. Under Dash Mount. 3/4" mounting hole