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So this has me baffled. Last few weeks once I floor mine 2005 V6 accord to get on the highway the inspect engine light would certainly flash for a short time. Vehicle ran fine and noticed no issues. I had actually my friend hook up his computer to scan the obd2 and it showed no codes. We think either his password reader won"t work-related for this car which appears odd because it showed all the various other data of it or it"s some software flaw v the examine engine light? I had actually the battery replaced last month so possibly that resulted in a issue? five admins i accidentally reported my short article by mistake together I"m on mine phone lol
Flashing engine light is usually a misfire might take a if to set a code. Taken place to me, turned out to be a bad injector. Examine your plugs & coils first.

A flashing CEL (Check Engine Light) is something severe to be concerned about. A flashing CEL indicates that your vehicle"s engine is misfiring, which might severely damages your catalytic converters. ... Engine misfire is a severe problem that requires immediate attention to avoid expensive repair or also a automobile fire!
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Like mentioned, check spark plugs if not already checked, and test ignition coils with a cheap spark tester.
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I checked the spark plugs and also they look at good. Ns filled that up v premium gas since regular has actually ethanol and also I"ve had that reason issues with a previous car. Likewise put in party of injector cleaner and floored it, so much no flashing light. Exactly how would I check the coils if it"s just misfiring wide open accelerator ? If it to be happening every the time trial and error would be so lot easier
On my automobile it would certainly misfire randomly, maybe twice a week yet only while accelerating. Mechanic small it under to cyl. #1. Coils & plugs were OK, had a decarbon the engine done, vtec pressure switch changed. Rather of paying for possibly a lenghty diag. The mechanic thought a crank sensor or failing injector however most likely injector. Had injector changed last Thurs., automobile runs & increases much smoother.

Misfire. I recently had actually the same thing. I don"t know what scanner the used, however there is a password stored. Every time the CEL flashes, a code is stored until it"s clearing by a computer. Same thing occurred to me, 2005 V6. I floor it, CEL flashes. Mine spark plugs looked great, however they were 172k miles old. Put brand-new ones and no an ext CELs as soon as flooring.
the spark plugs look good but space older so perhaps i will shot the simplest solution and replace them all. If i only knew the cylinder the misfired it would be so much easier however working on car is never basic lol. Mine last automobile was a 98 Civic and also the owner invested over a grand on a intermittent apprehension problem. I got it cheap and also it take it me month to figure it was a defective o2 sensor the would cause the engine to operation lean at arbitrarily times causing hesitation but it wasn"t negative enough to throw a code.
bobistheoilguy (rebates, sale, promo section) for a code. Order online through instore pick up, they come pre gapped. As soon as you traction the plug friend will know what cylinder.
My "07 had this precise same worry when it hit 120k. Brand-new spark plugs didn"t solve it. Brand-new injectors didn"t deal with it. Valve adjustment addressed it, and I"m sit at 133k through no problems, no CEL.
OP,check her oil level. My automobile did this last week top top highway, and found that ns was 1-1.5qts down on oil. Sent from mine SAMSUNG-SM-J320AZ making use of Tapatalk
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stiller fan This is absolutely a possibility. The accord the this generation v the V6 is infamous for rear key seal leaks past 130k, because that me it"s about fifty percent a quart between oil changes.
^Have no done any valve convey in 265k miles / 10.5 years.Rear key seal isn"t leaking either. Oil level does not drop in in between change. I constantly use the very same brand/weight that oil.What are you doing i am not?
stiller fan This is absolutely a possibility. The accord of this generation v the V6 is well known for rear key seal leaks past 130k, because that me it"s about fifty percent a quart in between oil changes.
t-rd can have something to carry out with my model being a 6MT. I likewise did have actually a fairly severe overheating experience around a year ago, which likely damaged the seal.
From my experience, friend don"t require a valve adjustment unless you redline a ton previous 6000RPM. This is how I to win up my old 98 V6, it really required a valve adjustment after ~ that.And what the heck taken place that the engine overheated?! as soon as it overheats, it"s never ever the very same again.

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t-rd Damaged lower radiator hose on the drive back from Havisu come SD. Ns didn"t an alert the temp gauge until the CEL came on, and there to be a noticeable loss in power. Shut it turn off immediately and had she towed. The oil leak showed up a few months later, it"s persisted since.See:
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