We discover Ford ignition lock cylinder problems on plenty of popular models. Unfortunately, these cars and trucks experience various malfunctions. Therefore, the most vital thing this article provides is aid in determining what"s wrong with your automobile.

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Ford cars like the Fusion, Focus and sport-utility vehicles prefer the Ford Escape, Explorer and also Mazda Tribute developed in the 2000 decade might experience starting problems. The symptoms of Ford ignition lock troubles include a stuck lock the won’t move or transforming the crucial and nothing happens. This can cause drivers to walk on a wild goose chase. Sometimes automobile owners and do-it-yourself mechanics start with replacing the vehicle battery, starter and also alternator because that the dorn reasons. The car I worked on had concerns with the plastic link that connect the ignition an essential to the ignition move on the other side the the column.

This method you"re no pushing top top the ignition switch quite as difficult as girlfriend did when that cheap plastic affiliation was new. In fact, periodically you deserve to push in ~ above the an essential hard and also wiggle it around and also get the automobile to start. This is important to note, since if this uses to her situation, you understand for certain the ignition lock module requires diagnosis.

A many times as soon as we see words module, we"re thinking around electronic components. However in this circumstances we"re talking about a plastic casting of parts mashed together into a modularized component. This lock module assembly fits nine different models end a 10 year period.With the said, difficulties can also develop in the lock cylinder assembly itself. And also if that"s not bad enough periodically you just have actually a negative ignition switch. If you monitor me every the method through this write-up I"ll administer another feasible and no cost route come a repaired vehicle. Although i don"t believe in this modification, the ingenious mechanics the the civilization have come up v a means temporarily repair the case without the use of any parts. This change to the ignition lock cylinder allows the vital to travel a little further and also therefore compensating because that the worn the end plastic linkage in the steering column.

Ford Ignition Cylinder replacement Kit

Let"s fight the Ford ignition lock cylinder troubles first. When the lock cylinder fails totally it could mean towing your vehicle. Nevertheless, this problem represents the simplest repair through the lowest price of replacement parts.Before we talk about the parts and also the fix procedure let"s talk about the symptom that happen when you"re Ford ignition lock cylinder starts to fail. Drivers insert the vital and uncover out the they cannot relocate it native the locked position.When it very first starts to go you’re able to wiggle the steering wheel and also the an essential at the very same time and also often maybe to acquire it passed the locked position. This battle to begin the car should serve as a fair warning that problems with the cylinder space coming your way. Now, let"s talk about what goes wrong v the old parts and the replacement procedure.

New Ford Ignition Lock Cylinder

What"s going wrong with the original lock cylinder is the fail of the tumblers to retract when we insert the key. Therefore, the steering obelisk thinks, you have actually not inserted the an essential yet. This is why the jiggling and the rocking the the steering wheel deserve to sometimes help. Ford has replacement parts, however other aftermarket companies have actually stepped up to the bowl to carry out solutions in ~ reasonable prices. The Strattec ignition lock cylinder kits room a brand that i am familiar with for solving Ford ignition lock cylinder problems. The kit consists of the tumblers, springs, lithium grease and an improved real estate over the old design. Lock cover removing the lock cylinder native your details year and also model auto on YouTube. Just kind in her year and also model complied with by the indigenous "lock cylinder repair and replacement".

Allow you yourself at least an hour for the repairs and also work slowly and also carefully. Don"t fight with the crucial on your Ford Focus, escape or Mazda Tribute, since this job makes because that a good DIY auto repair.

Ford Ignition Lock Module Problems

Unfortunately, the Ford ignition lock module is the most typical failure ~ above Ford Fusion, Focus and also Escape sport utility vehicles. This is unfortunate because it takes a lot more work and the components are not cheap. We"re going over the fix procedure and also a couple of of the tricks that I"ve learned to attend to the protection bolt that clamps the lock module onto the steering shaft assembly. But first let"s talk about some that the typical symptoms Ford drivers experience once this component begins to fail.I have seen the development of this problem in real time, as a great friend of mine cd driver a 2008 Ford to escape hybrid. At an initial they started to complain around an intermittent no crank problem. The driver said me if he hosted the crucial all the means to the crank position for a few seconds that it would at some point start come crank around.

Ford Ignition Lock Module Diagram

When ns researched the trouble I found out that the inner gears the this inexplicable linkage collection up starts come wear out and also cause this kind of problem. Return we"ll acquire into a workaround at the very end that this article, to me the decision to change the parts ended up being clear. In this situation, my friend planned top top handing under this automobile to his college aged son. We want to make sure that this automobile performed as meant for the young driver. Therefore, us jumped in and also purchased components online, consisting of the replacement protection bolt. Once again YouTube provides wonderful video on how to replace the Ford ignition lock module. Pay one-of-a-kind attention to the component in the video where castle grind a slot right into the defense bolt and use a conventional screwdriver to eliminate it.

More importantly, we purchased a brand-new breakaway defense bolt. The bolt expenses seven dollars, however makes sure that the repairs last. You also wouldn’t want to do things simpler for a auto thief. Here"s the part that everybody struggles with the most. As soon as you remove the old lock cylinder native the old module you have to install the vital into the cylinder and also move it come the accessory position. Now you can depress the lock tang through the hole detailed and on slide the cylinder the end of that is bore. As soon as reinstalling the cylinder the won"t walk in, due to the fact that the brand-new part is collection at the factory to the off position. You need to reach in and move the clockwise one click. This put the new lock module link in the accessory position just like your lock cylinder. And now the old cylinder slides right right into the brand-new part assembly.

Motorcraft SW-6958 Ignition Starter Switch

Okay, us talked around two of the most usual Ford ignition lock cylinder problems you"ll find and now it"s time to talk around a third possibility. Whenever i run into a Ford Escape the won"t crank over, my an initial suspect is the ignition lock module.However, castle designed the linkage consisted of inside the module come mechanically activate the ignition move on the opposite next of the steering pillar from the key. It is quite possible that the ignition starter switch itself has actually failed. With that said, it"s also possible that a difficulty with the lock module affiliation actually helped damage the starter switch.How does this happen? as soon as you push the vital all the way, yet the ignition move barely closes, friend can get an arcing throughout the contact of the electrical switch. This arcing actually deteriorates and melts the contacts on the part. In this situation you get a many the exact same symptoms, yet it’s the switch that failed.Here’s the good news. Once you purchase the an ext expensive Ford ignition lock module assembly it comes with a brand-new starter switch. I point out or speak to out the ignition starter move separately, because the possibility for every little thing else to be fine and the switch to failure exists.

Ford Ignition Lock Cylinder troubles Modification

Strattec Ignition Lock repair Kit

As we"ve disputed throughout this article, Ford vehicle drivers can endure a no start instance on your aging Ford to escape sport-utility automobile and blend model cars. But what if ns told you the there to be a alteration you can perform top top the currently cylinder that would certainly temporarily fix the issue.Before we relocate on permit me walk on the record as saying I"m no a support of this procedure. I"ll gain into why in ~ the end of this section. The Ford ignition lock cylinder change is a basic matter of grinding away at the stop. The stop I"m talking around is when you press the vital to interact the starter engine it just goes for this reason far.If it might go just a small further this auto would start even though the plastic affiliation has emerged a serious amount of play in the ignition module housing. This is frequently the root cause of the problem. Through that said, removed of the lock cylinder and grinding far at the tiny casting is more daunting than instead of with new parts.

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Therefore, I would certainly only suggest going this course if over there is no other selection due come financial reasons. The various other reason I"m not a supporter incorporate that this repair becomes a short-term situation. Eventually the cheap plastic linkage that"s leading to the no start difficulty wears out sufficient that replacement becomes the just option.However, you perform see human being on the internet saying the this repair deserve to last for number of months. In many situations, these cars gain handed down to other family members members and also it wouldn"t seem a great idea to hand them down a trouble waiting to happen. In fact, as soon as the difficulty does happen, they might require a tow truck.If you want to check out the change you can watch lock grind far at the Ford lock cylinder real estate for yourself. There room two things that you must take special note of in the how-to video.

When removed the lock cylinder the key needs to it is in installed and also moved come the accessory position so the the lock tank deserve to be depressed. As soon as you have every little thing in the right location the cylinder will slide ideal out. We filed this article in the various car and truck difficulty section.

If you room a Ford auto owner take it a quick look at the next problem you could encounter. First, be mindful the Ford fusion door handle could break in your hand at any time. Additionally see why the Ford focus engine mount most likely won’t do it all the method through this vehicle’s life cycle. Please visit the resolve my old journey homepage for an ext information.

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