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Hi,I freshly bought a 2007 Jeep grand Cherokee 3.7L V6 all wheel drive, fuel economic situation was said to be around 15 in city and b/n 18 to 20 top top highway but I acquire 12 in city and also around 14 top top highway. Is over there anyway I have the right to increase the fuel economy?

Ouch the is low. Mine 3.7 reads the same once I go without an oil readjust but when I reset the oil readjust reminder it has tendency to go earlier to 17 city. Periodically after a drive on the highway.
Brian: 2008 Jeep eco-friendly Metallic grand Cherokee : 3.7L Mods : k&n Intake, FRP throttle Body/ ported intake manifold, Hypertech Tuner, SRT Rear guide Bar, WK Bilstein Shocks/Struts, SRT behind Bumper, SRT exhaust, custom SRT style Badge, MyGiG RER, environment-friendly LED Interior, Kicker Amp & 10" Sub, LED dome lights, BA speakers.

09 GC limited 5.7 hem QD2
, Spidertrax spacers 1.5", OME HD kit, 4" Bwoody CAI,painted headlight housings, 84mm accelerator body, de-badged,tinted tails, strait pipe v cats and resonators. 93 powersport tune, 5000k fogs 5000k lows. An ext to come...JAKE

Do you have actually the organization records. Mine plugs to be shot in ~ 40k. Adjusted them and switched to synthetic oil and also gained 1.5mpgs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

JDM has hit ~ above it, IMO. If friend don"t have the maintenance records, I would certainly recommend you carry out a complete significant inspection/maintenance operation. If that has more than 60K ~ above it, I"d carry out the totality works.....all fluids (tranfer case, diffs. Transmission, oil, etc.), all filters, spark plugs, plug wires (if it has actually them), and perhaps the O2 and also MAP Sensors. Climate you"ll recognize what girlfriend have and what has actually been done. Ns would additionally use all good synthetic oils where possible. If you execute the transmission, be mindful that the NAG1 go not have actually a dipstick. To get the fluid level exactly you"ll have to eventually take it come the dealer or a location that has the proper equiment/tables to check it correctly. The best way to perform it, if you"re doing the yourself, is to measure up the fluid that come out when drained, and put the same amount of brand-new fluid back in. Climate take it and have it checked correctly.

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06 WK/GCO, MDS "ON" Light, Vortex Gens, Debadged, DashHawk, BT capture Can, SRT CAI, AFE Hi-Flow Filter, Sonnax Trans push Booster, Transgo transition Kit, 6 speed 545RFE via 08 PCM and HP Tuner, ARH lengthy tube headers w/3 in. Catback, Bilsteins, SRT bumpers/roof rails/brake cooling ducts, SRT Lwr Sprgs/Sways, FRI Sidewinder camer Adv 6*, 6.1 valvetrain, SLP 25% UD Pulley, BBK 90mm TB, SOS Coils, TEA ported/milled heads, 20 in. SRT Reps. Likewise 05 5.7 Magnum modded the same as Jeep and, just Sold, an 06 300CSRT8, Comp. Cam, 85 mm TB, HP tuned engine/trans, Foose custom wheels. 2021 Tesla design S Plaid v 1020 hp and 1050 lb. Ft. The torque.