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I tried looking the forums however did not uncover an answer. I have a 2009 Chevy Cobalt base version with hand-operated transmission the I recently bought that has much more than 140,000 miles on it, and I"m conscious that this aren"t an alleged to have actually transmission liquid changes however with that type of purpose of use I think it"s about due. I"m make the efforts to discover out what type of transmission fluids are compatible v these transmissions? I think I recall mine owners manual showing 75W85 gear oil, The closest I"ve been able to uncover at auto components stores is 75W90. Would certainly that be as great to use, or is it a bad idea?
For her 09 ls or lt or base manual transmission usage Dextron ATF fluid!!!Do no use equipment oilYour owners hand-operated lists manual Transmission fluid (GM part No. U.S. 88861800, in Canada 88861801).From GM Powertrain, your Getrag F23 (M86) 5 speed hand-operated transmission provides DEXRON using ATF take a look at the following. It referrals a 2010, yet is the exact same for your 09.
Okay thanks, I believe I remind the owners manual in my automobile says 75W85 gear oil. Perhaps it is from a various car? Which transmission is an alleged to have actually the gear oil?
The SS offers a different transmission and also calles for the equipment oilNow friend can discover Dexron III and also Mercon or Dexron/Mercon at any kind of auto components store.You will uncover your tranny fluid speak to out on web page 6-12 of your owner manual and can download a copy from Gm.
Okay thanks, therefore then any current spec automatic infection fluid, such as mobile 1 for instance should it is in okay?
As lengthy as it claims dextron mercon her safe There is part gm great wash around not using dextron 6 vs dextron 3 due to the fact that gm no much longer licences the name. The fluid will still be around for ages due to the fact that many other car mfg use that liquid (Ford) and the oil service providers still sell oil for older cars.Remember GM is in the service of selling brand-new cars.....not trying to help you store your old dino on the road any kind of longer than,past the warrenty.
Okay many thanks that helps a lot. The is yes, really frustrating how facility they make a simple thing choose figuring the end what transmission fluid to use.
It looks really easy, but I"m walking to have a mechanic execute it simply because. I"ll probably have actually him adjust the oil at the very same time.

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Just remember come let him understand Do Not use that 90W gear oil. It means too thick and the 85W is nearly as thick and also will trash her tranny in quick order take it a look at
OK will certainly do, I typically pick up the fluids myself and he just does the changes. It"s the same with parts, ns just acquire the parts a many cheaper top top eBay and he installs them.
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