I have a "04 Nissan Maxima. Tho trying to isolation the complying with problem: The car started overheating at idle and also the A/C began blowing warmth air in ~ idle also. I uncovered that BOTH radiator/ac fans are not working. My regional Nissan dealership suggested that the pan assembly can be negative but I find it tough to think that BOTH fan motors went negative at the very same time. I started thinking the problem could be a fuse or relay.I looked up a diagram and also I discovered that there room 3 cooling fan relays. Why room there 3 relays to only 2 fans? those the third relay for? perform you think this is the most likely problem? I"d figured i"d start with the relay since it is the easiest.thanks for your help!

There space 3 fusibles that have to be checked and also three relays right here are guides to help with both v the relay locations and also the cooling pan wiring diagrams for this reason you have the right to see just how the device works below. Https://www.bsci-ch.org/articles/how-to-check-a-car-fuseandhttps://www.bsci-ch.org/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitCheck out the diagrams (Below). Please run this test and also get ago to us.




ns wouldnt even know where to begin on testing the motors. I have no voltmeter or anything, never really had actually to use one before & i doubt I would certainly know how to usage one even if I had one handy.
For electrical testings you would at the very least need a check light or DVOM. To test the fans, disconnect the pan connectors and also ground one terminal while using battery voltage come the other however this pan should have actually 4 terminals so you could make a mess the end of it. Get a DVOM or testlight an initial because to check the fuses or relays and their terminals you require to know if battery voltage is present.Heres a overview on exactly how to use a test light and also a DVOMhttps://www.bsci-ch.org/articles/how-to-use-a-test-light-circuit-testerhttps://www.bsci-ch.org/articles/how-to-use-a-voltmeterAttached below are the wiring diagrams because that you cooling pan
I have actually a '04 Nissan Maxima, both radiator fans stopped working at the exact same time. I began thinking its perhaps a fuse or relay because both fans quit working. Ns contacted the parts dept. The my regional Nissan dealership and also they no list any fan fuse or relay for it (which I discover a little odd). I find it hard to think that both fan motors went bad at the very same time. Any type of suggestions the what else it can be if there isn't any kind of fuse or relay for the fans? Thanks!
i dont recognize what they space talking around because there are 3 relays that operation the system below is a overview to help you test the relays.https://www.bsci-ch.org/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitHere is the wiring diagrams because that the fan and also the relay locations. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize what friend find. We are interested to check out what that is.Cheers
My vehicle is overheating. I noticed that I have actually two fans, yet only 1 is working. Might this it is in a fuse or a bad fan? exactly how do i test this issue?
Hi, might be either issue, either a negative radiator fan relay, or a poor fan altogether, if you tough wire the faulty pan to the battery, and also it comes on strong, you understand the fan is great and the relay will need replacement, thanxjoe
You need to unplug the fan and also put jumper wires indigenous the fan straight to the battery, pos come pos, neg come neg.
mine 1998 Nissan Maxima SE overheats as soon as the car is idleling and also the A/C is on. I changed the radiator in March for this reason it"s new. Ns noticed the the pan on the passenger side does not rotate on. Could this be the problem and also if it is carry out I need to replace the whole kit that comes with the mounting bracket and also two pan or deserve to I change the single fan?
This is a very facility circuit v dual, 2 speed fans through a manage module in fee of everything. They are designed to run at the same time though so if one runs and the various other doesn"t, yo probably have actually a poor fan.
many thanks Wrenchtech for her reply. This is the exact same thing that i thought about the fan and also that ns would need to replace it soon. However do you think the this is what is causing the engine to overheat as soon as the automobile is in idle through the A/C on? thanks again for your help
friend can"t recognize until you have actually the fans functioning correctly. The fans have actually a 2 speed system so you will need to see if both speeds are working.
The trouble Im having is the the radiator fan won"t absent on, however when i unplug the temp sensor the kicks on. I"ve gone ahead and readjusted the sensor come a new one but it still no come on uneven the sensor is unplugged.
The pan would only come on when the required temperature transforms the pan switch on. Is the engine overheating and also is coolant level correct?
Yes and yes, I likewise read somewhere else that the pan won"t absent on if the vehicle is idle? the would have to be in reality running?
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