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For anybody that is trying to find information ~ above the camshaft position sensor, i do have actually a tiny tad bit of details to offer. •Symptoms – difficult idling, rough start, and eventually the motor won’t absent over. •How ns knew it was bad – my “check engine light” came on; had actually it diagnosed at 2 places. It proclaimed it was either a loosened connection, dirty or it essential to be replaced. So i parked the auto until I might have that looked at. •Location- behind the upper sheave in the top chamber of the timing cover on the Driver side (you’ll have two covers come the time belt – upper and also a lower). JFYI – that is really hard to get to if you must replace it—.•Cost of the Sensor -- $156.00 + taxes at a KIA service Department store.•My 1st reaction – confirm the connector (real easy). Take turn off the engine covering (6 screws) and the upper timing sheathe (4 screws). Disconnect the connector and also clean it. If that doesn’t assist then friend will must replace it. Unfortunately, mine sensor was bad. As stated above, the sensor is hard to get to. In bespeak to change it; girlfriend will have to remove the timing belt. Since I lack the endure of being a difficult core auto mechanic and also didn’t want to opportunity of messing up mine timing; i took it come the Kia dealership. In order to perform this task, girlfriend or the mechanic will have to dissemble the lower fifty percent of the timing belt assembly (by removing all of the belts, water pump, etc). They speak if you haven’t done your timing belt in rather some time; this will be a good time to perform it! and also keep in mind this is wherein your Crankshaft position sensor (CPS) is as well (you might want to replace that too)? The dealership told me that this to be a 4 to 5 hour job and also they quoted me a price that $590.00 (labor and also parts). Ns did not have my belt or the CPS replaced due to the fact that I had actually my belt excellent recently and they encouraged me not to perform the CPS (wasn’t broke). Therefore the cost may go up if you change your time belt and CPS? Surprising, I obtained mine done because that $400.00 the end the door (Of course through the appropriate negotiation). It is in alarm though, many auto mechanic shops / garages speak they can do it for under $250.00. The just reason why they say this is due to the fact that they room looking at a organization manual that is misleading (I angry this at two various places). The service manual mirrors a photo of the sensor of gift in the open and also easily to acquire to (not true).

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So don’t get caught with her pants down once your mechanic calls you and tells you that they have actually ran right into a flaw and also they are needing to traction the time belt (more $$$). Anyway, I had mined done and also it is functioning GREAT! hope this details helps out – good luck!