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I have actually been Googling for the last hour or two, looking under the hood, looking near the driver"s pedals, etc, and also I can"t find the ignition starter relay because that my 2005 Toyota Corolla CE. I just want to take it turn off so I can test it with my multimeter.Where can I uncover it?
"ST Relay" is the starter relay. If girlfriend look up through your head top top the brake pedal, you"ll view the long black rectangle-shaped fuse box cover... The relays need to be in the beige box simply beside that (at bottom that photo). You just need to popular music the beige cover off by pushing in the tab in ~ the ends because that access.



Yes, I currently saw that thread, and also I looked under the driver"s and also can"t find any kind of fuse boxes, or even a beige box. I don"t view anything. Simply a bunch of wires. I saw on one more website that someone stated that it"s under the hood and is labeled main Amp or something.Getting contradictory information. I don"t understand where the is.
I uncovered THE BEIGE BOX.Geez... I went out there and also looked again, and also it transforms out I need to obtain off that bottom panel under the steel wheel in order to accessibility it. It"s HIDDEN. What a ache in the arse.
Any idea on exactly how to get that reduced panel off? it won"t budge, i tried removed stuff favor the pull out drawer thingy on the left, however I don"t check out any accessibility bolts or anything.
Screw that. I offer up. I controlled to discover two bolts because that the panel, gained them off, began pulling personally the center console looking for more bolts, couldn"t get the center part out (with all the warm knobs, AC, etc). To adjust on my back under the dash and also tried to obtain off the beige fuse box cover, have actually a entirety bunch the scratched and dents in it after make the efforts reef it apart. The black color cover for the black fuse box come off easy... Not the beige one. What the heck?!So I offer up. I"m not going to bother experimentation the relay. I"m simply going to change the ignition switch and also hope the fixes my problem. All I had to perform to expose the ignition move was eliminate 3 screws from the steering column (one on the left and right, and one top top the bottom) come take off the covers. Ignition switch appropriate THERE. Piece of cake.I can gain a offered ignition switch at the junkyard because that $25.

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