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Garage simply did my 60,000 mi organization on mine \"04 Taurus SE and also said the inspect engine code is because that o2 sensor , bank 1, sensor 1, requirements to be replaced. They desire $250 to readjust it and also I am reasoning I have the right to do this myself. Anyone here know where to find this sensor top top the car? also do I need special tools or is there anything i should know prior to transforming it. Any aid is appreciated!
Bank 1 on yoru Taurus will be the financial institution nearest the firewall. Sensor 1 will certainly be the sensor in the exhaust manifold prior to the catalyst. Many times a special oxygen sensor socket will certainly make the job easier, especially when installation the new sensor as it has actually a slot to enable the wire to right through. Top top a 2004 through 60k miles and also a code for an O2 sensor, one thing to understand is the there is more than likely some other concern causing the sensor to fail so soon, if your problem really is the sensor. If you just replace the sensor, over there is a possibility that you might be doing that again in a couple of miles if you don\"t solve what brought about the sensor come fail.-Rod
$250.00 ? ? ? have the right to you to speak RIP-OFF?:yikes: WHEW!Mine\"s one 03 Vulcan 50K mi and also I readjusted the financial institution 1 one sensor 1 in FIFTEEN minutes. Stick is on target here; \"Sensor 1 will be the sensor in the exhaust manifold before the catalyst\". Look on the left behind the engine and the sensor rod up out of the exhaust manifold choose a sore thumb, sort\"a looks favor a pest spark plug through a wire coming out the top. Ns bought a Bosch sensor at development Auto for prefer $40. And also gave lock a $15. Deposit to usage the one-of-a-kind wrench made simply for an altering sensors. (You obtain the deposit back when you take the tool back.) allow the engine cool and also the remainder is self-explainatory full piece the cake to adjust that puppy. execute it yourself, save your hard earned money and also take the mam out because that Pizza and also a couple of Brewskis. :naughty: stick is correct and other things could reason the light. But I figured I\"d readjust it and also if the irradiate didn\"t come ago on I had actually it whipped. :bananasmi
I have adjusted mine before as well. Quite easy project with the ideal tool. It was fairly tough to obtain off but was basic after that. My problem ended up being a clogged catalytic converter. Obtained an aftermarket one for about $250.00 i m sorry was an excellent compared come the $600.00 because that a \"Ford\" certified one. Great luck.
Hey, many thanks , ns am walking to execute it today. Mine mechanic did speak if we don\"t adjust it quickly it will damage the Cat. Converter, so ns am hoping ns am not too late. The engine go stumble a tiny at idle as soon as cold so ns hope the is a associated problem and will smooth out.Rick
Pay attention to what the sensors look at like once you remove them. If they are coated v black chalky exhaust, friend probably have actually some other problem that is causing the codes and also O2 sensors to fail. Again, I would not expect the O2 sensors to fail generally on a 2004 after 60k miles. Especially due to the fact that most of those mile sare most likely highway mile (that\"s more than the 12k typical miles per year).-Rod
The engine go stumble a little at idle as soon as cold so ns hope the is a connected problem and also will smooth out.If it doesn\"t climate clean the MAFS sensor. Search this forum for many threads talking about how to perform this :) our \"04 supplied to stumble, and now that we cleaned that the vehicle purrs choose a kitten :p better gas milage also :)
I have now replaced the sensor and also still have actually the inspect engine light on. Do I should reset the irradiate ? If therefore how can I do that? many thanks for the tip on the MAF sensor. I am walk to try that too.Rick
On my lunch break in a hurry. Take it the negative battery terminal loose for 15 minutes then hook the up and rock on. Will certainly give much more info this evening yet that\"s the straightforward how to reset examine engine light. Certainly get the MAFS cleaned and the brand-new PCV valve and GROMMET.
Do I should reset the irradiate ? If so how have the right to I execute that? our \"04 hands-on states that you don\"t should do anything. It will certainly reset chin after friend buy a couple of tanks that gas. Also, if you have the Duratec engine girlfriend won\"t have actually (need) a PVC. If it\"s a SE then i don\"t think the Duratec to be an option so friend should have actually one.
Burning a few tanks that gas can take awhile. Take the negative battery terminal loosened for 15 minutes climate hook it up and also that means you acquire instant gratification. Like, BAM! The light goes out and also it resets the computer system to a brand new fresh start just like it came from the factory. :ylsuper: If it has a PCV valve get a brand-new one and a brand-new grommet. Ns say IF because it might not have one. Clean the MAFS to. That\"s what ns did to my Vulcan six months ago and cured the light and also runs great. Past my beddie farewell time therefore g\"nite, sleep tite and also don\"t let the bed bugs bite. Zzzzz. . . .
Just for the document removing the negative battery cable walk not work-related on our \"04 (it operated when we did tranny work and needed to reset the computer, yet not for the MAFS, and yes it sat overnight). Everytime us clean the MAFS there is no fail the light comes on, and the only method that it goes off, and also stays off, is by fiddling v the gas cap (simulating putting gas in). Ns think the senses pressure over a certain period of time. It typically takes united state 2-3 days for the light to go off, not months :)
\"Just because that the record removing the an unfavorable battery cable go not work on our \"04.\" friend weren\"t holding your mouth right. :slap: Mine to be idling erratic then i cleaned the MAFS 5K miles after I changed the O2 sensor and also the light never ever came on. Dumped a couple of cans the WallyWorld\"s finest injector cleaner in the tank and that puppy runs choose a stripe Ape. Gas went down to $2.75 below so i romp on it pretty constant now. Varoom Varoom! i love sitting at the stop light and also some jive squirrel next to me and I host the brake and also mash the gas and light changes and also Bull Taurus is gone bye bye. :wave: really tightens their jaws, especially when there\"s a cute small honey riding shot gun, so next light I organize the brake again and also when it changes I simply idle away and also it renders them twin ticked off. :cya:
Dumped a few cans the WallyWorld\"s ideal injector cleaner in the tank and that puppy runs prefer a strip Ape. Seafoam works an excellent too :)
Seafoam works great too :) involved think the it, I acquired some at advance and dumped it in to. An old retired Dude had actually ours v 38K mi top top it and it needed a great cleaning out. Nary a scratch on it and also he to be fanatical about maintenance and also had every little thing done but get ~ above the hwy and blow it the end good. They to be from up phibìc so made a couple of trips top top I-95 moving to SC for this reason it witnessed some road miles to. Got\"ta go placed my Hickory hunks in water to soak for this reason they won\"t brun up to rapid when I begin barbqueing them-thar good ole baby back ribs. Happy fourth of July and also GOD BLESS AMERICA! http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/index.htmRead and also remember the brave men that have actually served the we might live FREE. \"When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them v another and also to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and also equal station to which the legislations of Nature and of Nature\"s God entitle them, a decent respect come the opinions that mankind requires that they need to declare the reasons which impel them to the separation.\"
Before anybody responded I did the battery disconnect and the light went out and has remained off. The auto is currently running better and I gibberish cleaned the MAFS yet. The entirety job through the tool price me $65.00 and also a fifty percent an hour that time! I\"m turn off to the auto components to check out if ns can find that CRC cleaner spray. Many thanks for the aid and Happy fourth of July!
No way I can tell you how gratifying it is for us to recognize we aided a brand-new friend deal with it the right method and save their hard earned money in the process. Always appreciate persons punching earlier in and let united state know just how our suggestions worked for them. CRC need to be easy to uncover if you inspect a few places, ns think it\"s about $7.50 but you get enough to clean the MAFS fourty times anyway. Only thing you have to be parinoid about is, do not touch the wires with anything but the spray cleaner. Permit it dry then clean it again. Usually follow the directions on the label and you must be an excellent to go. yes pal. Friend seem choose a quite guy and we\"d like you come hange here with us and assist others since sometimes we gain overwhelmed with folks needing help. Shorod and our various other pro techs assist the more complicated problems however us old the shade tree mechanics deal with flats, execute oil changes, tranny flushes and also lube jobs. Choose that guy on TV, \"Dirty Jobs.\" :grinyes: following time someone has a trouble like your you deserve to jump right in and also hook \"em up. :wink:
Hi i just recently purchase a 2004 ford taurus se v the 3.0 v6 vulcan motor.... The person i to buy it turn off of stated they took the end an o2 sensor and hadnt put it ago in .... Well to do a lengthy story brief ... My car idles yes, really rough and also sometimes stalls out ..... The transmission also shifts really tough when put into over drive.... Go anyone have any kind of clue as to how many o2 sensors my automobile has and where lock are? and what i deserve to do to settle the shifting and little bit the slipping the does i was called to placed lucas oil infection fix and also it would assist with mine tranny problems......
Some have actually 3 sensors and some have actually 4. The shifting issue probably doesn\"t haver anything come doesn\"t O2 sensors.

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thanks .... I just dont really kno seein this is my very first ford i have actually owned..... I freshly owned a cadillac so im switchin car an this one appears to be less costly on components an GAS lol.....