Shakes or wobbles problem. My inspect engine shortly light has actually come on and the diagnostic check out p0193. That password is a faulty fuel rail pressure sensor. If feasible could girlfriend tell/show me wherein that sensor is located? Times are hard and I can not afford for Ford to replace this sensor in ~ a $400.00 price. Ns am no mechanic yet I am handy unless you say that I should not even attempt together a task. Thanks. R. Torres

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Yes friend can adjust this sensor yourself in about 20 minutes. A small amount of fuel v be existing during the job so have shop towels ready. Here is a diagram (Below) that the task being done. The component on Amazon for $36.00 - MotorcraftCheck out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know what happens.


Engine mechanically problem2004 Ford explorer 6 cyl two Wheel journey Automatic Having troubles locating the fuel rail press sensor. I have the part, now I don"t know how to acquire to that to readjust it. Fail code 0193.

Recvd fuel rail pressure sensor code. Replaced fuel rail pressure sensor. Now the automobile won"t also start. Any type of ideas
You"re walk to need a scan tool to uncover out what the fuel press is. I don"t thing it has a business port.
Engine performance problem2002 Ford traveler 6 cyl 4 Wheel journey Automatic 170000 milesI have replaced the fuel pump, filter, FP relay, and crank sensor. However it will certainly still no start. Ns have strong spark, yet when I release the shrader valve I obtain no fuel out of the rail. Currently when I remove the fuel rail pulsation damper and also reinstall it and also then rotate the crucial on, the fuel rail will certainly charge through fuel yet just sufficient to acquire it to shot to fire. Climate no more fuel in the rail again, unless I take it the damper off and do it again. Is it mine damper that has gone bad? that a $400+ component dealer only. I don"t recognize what rather it might possibly be. Any aid would be considerably appreciated.
HiThese symptoms exact same as prior to pump replaced? examine fuel press regulator any kind of fuel in vacuum line? What is crucial On Engine turn off fuel pressure?Thanks for donate
Engine performance problem2002 Ford explorer 6 cyl 4 Wheel drive Automatic 70000 milesmy explorer was acquiring a both banks lean code so I adjusted the plugs they were gapped.040 end spec. Also at 3000 RPM the engine surges and wont acquired past 3000 RPM. Ns dont have actually the lean codes any type of more. I adjusted the mass air flow sensor no change. I checked my fuel push w/ crucial on im gettin 65-70lbs fuel push stays exact same while running. I have actually not checked the pressure when it surges. I additionally sprayed started fluid all approximately the engine and also no miss out on fires to show a vaccum leak. Any kind of suggestions i think my fuel regulator might be negative but ns dont knowwhat the base line for fuel pressure is. The pump is 270 dolllars I desire to verify the I have actually the appropriate pressure before I invest the time and also cash.
The push spec is an essential on engine off, or engine to run 60-65 psi. An essential OFF. For mechanically Returnless Fuel mechanism with fuel pressure higher than 448 kPa (65 psi). Change fuel pressure regulator in fuel tank.HC6 check PRESSURE REGULATOR and PULSE DAMPER DIAPHRAGM Fuel press tester installed. Start engine and run engine for 10 seconds. Crucial off, wait 10 seconds. Begin engine and also run engine because that 10 seconds. Vital off, eliminate vacuum water tap from fuel press regulator or pulse damper port. Examine for fuel in the vacuum hose or regulator port or pulse damper. Is fuel current in the vacuum hose, regulator or pulse damper port? correctly No change fuel pressure regulator. For mechanically Returnless Fuel System: change pulse damper.
Hello, could someone tell me whereby a Fuel pressure Regulator is for a 1999 Ford Explorer. The is a 4.0L V6 MFI OHV 4 Door Model. Im not sure if that is ~ above the Fuel rail or part of the fuel pump assembly. Ns heard ford readjusted them ~ above this design so ns hoping someone can tell me for sure.Thanks
I have replaced throttle body sensor and also motor, I have the right to here fuel pump when vital is turned on but care turns over yet never starts. Ns also changed plugs and also coil pack. Would certainly the rail sensor store it from starting?

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