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Does anybody happen to recognize the actual location of the crankshaft position sensor on a 2003 Nissan Maxima? I had a mechanic operation the diagnostic and also finally pin under the part that"s been providing me trouble, but he didn"t it seems to be ~ to recognize where that was and I am having actually a tough time finding it.
So, permit me acquire this straight...Your "mechanic", most likely used a sub-$100 OBD2 scanner, to traction whatever appears to be, a code relating come the CPS, and this exact same "mechanic" doesn"t understand where the "CPS" is?Where"d this "mechanic" get his "mechanic" training? ago of a Wheaties box?Any clown through a Haynes manual or a Chilton"s hands-on or the FSM or fifty percent a pair of working eyes could find this part. Is this mechanic"s nose in the method of his eyes?Simply amazing...
99% the the concerns that room "STRANGE
" have a dirt an easy answer...usually answered by a dirt an easy search.NISSAN GOOGLEIs it simply me, or walk the bulk overlook the obvious?Somebody ate a totality bag of dumbass because that breakfast.Why do human being continue to run a auto when a warning light come on or beginning flashing? Isn"t the a clue that something is wrong and you most likely should not drive it?Is this whole automobile driving thing really freekin" mind surgery?Here"s something new for the crowd/clowns..."A tiny bit of Google walk a long way!"Ever an alert the one write-up wonders for info on turbo"ing a GA16 are never ever heard from again after ~ they figure out the cost???And if you deserve to read this, girlfriend don"t need glasses!
And yes, i am diggin" it...

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These sensors to be recalled ~ above 2002-03 Maximas, so i would first contact her Nissan dealer w/ her VIN # to see if over there is an open up recall for your vehicle. IF so, lock will replace it because that no charge. The campaign ID# to be 3022. If not, I would still use the components they are using in the recall, which entails replacing video camer & crank sensors. The kit is accessible from Nissan, P/N: 23731-AL627. The kit has the crank sensor, left hand camer sensor and right hand camer sensor. The crankshaft position sensor (POS) is situated on the oil pan facing the gear teeth (cogs) of the signal plate at the finish of the crankshaft. I agree the the person diagnosing the automobile should at least have the ability to tell you whereby the part is if he has allegedly diagnosed it together faulty!
Ok, so ns am a little confused here. I went and also got the Haynes and also it transforms out that the crank edge sensor (and there is only 1 top top the "03) top top the "03 is on the at bell-housing on the earlier (driver-side) that the engine, cool. Therefore I changed the thing and had some trouble tracking down the appropriate part. Mine Max is one "03 and also that has been shown by Nissan, the parts store punched mine VIN and also it came out together an "02...but the component I required was...according to your system...for one "04 manual. Now, the sensor attributes just fine but I am still having trouble through the car. The motor often tends to stutter (drop/surge) while maintaining speed or accelerating. Mainly it drops and also I have this stutter of losing power. Also, usually within the an initial hour that a cold-start, it totally stalls out at idle speed. The only counter I have had for this is to drop come neutral and also rev the engine over 1000 rpms till I am all set to accelerate and also then find the best rpm : speed proportion to put it in drive without lurching the car. Currently I have actually only replaced the crank angle sensor and, just today, the spark-plugs. I have actually not yet re-assembled the input manifold until I can examine a few other systems. I have a few other theories as to what the problem might be; video camer sensors, hit sensor, fuel pump/filter assembly, injectors, spark-plug wires or something rather in the wiring harness. I am soon planning to get a code-reader but am wondering if, based on my symptoms, somebody else can help me narrow down some of these options. You re welcome ask if you feeling a more detailed summary of any certain performance element would help you aid me and also I would certainly be glad to tell you anything i know. Thanks in advance.PS: I just asked the mechanic to usage his device to check out the code. That told me prior to hand the Nissans made up a an extremely small component of his experience and also would only be ready to phone call me what the reader said. Also, seeing as some of these sensors find their way to all kinds of locations, I"m ready to let the pass. He"s an ethical guy and typically really helpful. Nobody to know everything.