In having actually this issue, i am trying to number out exactly how to find and also replace mine starter relay in a Honda Accord 2003.

Where is the starter relay? How have the right to it be replaced?



Relay is here:


That"s in the driver"s footwell. I believe it"s above the fuse box, roughly the hood open up latch. There"s a plastic cover end the relays you"ll need to pull off. There"s one because that the relays and one because that the fuse box.

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It should simply pull out and also the new one can be popped best in. You"ll have to pull hard.



Some cars likewise have a fuse crate or relay box and sometimes a mix of the two under the hood. Too as, They"re usually established in the cover. Mental to check under the foot well within the car also.


Starter Motor enables the engine to "start" and begin running. While, a faulty starter will an outcome in a difficulty in starting the engine.It is frustrating as soon as your auto won"t start. Friend are turning the key and... Nothing happens. Perhaps this article guide would assist you

As others have actually said, the starter relay is over the within fuse box. The within fuse box is under the dash, situated to the left of the driver"s footrest. The fuse box has actually a nice, slide cover.

However, the relays carry out not have actually a pretty door. You have to pull turn off the plastic item that surrounds the fuse box. This panel is held on by fasteners (no screws) that I merely yanked on till it came off. The plastic floor moulding goes over the item you want to remove, so you will need to finagle that a little bit so the the moulding publication the panel.

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