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I have a 2003 quad cab 1500 4x4 through the Hemi, i was wondering whereby is the fuel filter located? I assumed I had actually heard it was in the fuel tank. If not whereby is it and how tough is it to change? :help:Thanks

It is attached come the fuel pump/reg assembly in the tank. The filter chin is quite big and has actually a screen prior to it. The tank needs to it is in dropped or bed lifted off to obtain at it. Unless the pump isn"t moving any fuel i wouldn"t bother through it.

Ok thanks, That"s what ns thought and was afraid of. It is to run fine. Pair of the auto part stores right here in town are having their Wix filter on sale best now. I picked part oil filters because that my truck and also wifes Jeep and also got thinking around the remainder of the filters and also what rather I could need to change while they are on sale. Ns bought 4 oil filters because that the price, or less, of two at continuous price. Luckly my truck and also her Jeep take it the exact same oil filters. Many thanks again

They room designed to provide a collection amount of fuel pressure also if the filter is dirty. I wish they had an external one though.
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