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How tough is that to adjust the time chain top top a 2002 lamb 4.7L? Is there everywhere I deserve to get great step by step instructions because that this? the is mine sons truck and also he really can"t afford come pay someone if we can do that ourselves. Thanks

The time chain top top the 4.7L Is a huge task. Girlfriend will should remove and set to the side her AC compressor, Alternator, strength steering pump. Then you will have to remove the valve covers, prior cover and also oil pan. Removed the pan while set up in the truck is a PITA every by itself. There are 3 chain 4 sprockets... 2 tensioners. Over there is much more too it then one would think. As soon as in, setting the timing is in reality a little bit tricky but simple once you understand what her doing. This is no a tiny job. Expect to be down a pair of work if you have actually never excellent this before.SPEED SAFE, air RAM
I had actually to execute the head gaskets on my Durango 4.7 whic involves taking the timing chains off and also putting them ago on. Walk not need to take the oil pan turn off - not sure why Airram - that is the #1 skilled on the 4.7 - says you have to. To take it the oilpan turn off is a significant job in chin
I think there is two special tools you can"t execute without 1) a special device to organize the time chains ~ above the key sprocket. Ns don"t see how you can put the chains ago on there is no it - twist ties simply don"t work and 2) special device to put the dampner ago on. You deserve to take the dampner off v a good quality 3 prong puller (Don"t usage the exterior ring to traction it turn off with).Good luckpjd
there is a chain indigenous the crank to an idler sprocket, then 2 chains from the idler sprocket come the cams, one left one right, you need to drop the oil pan. To gain the front chain and sprocket off the crank. Once you did her head you just did fifty percent the job, ~ above working with the 3 chain time set. Over there is three timing marks, the idler come the crank then the cams to the idler. 75% opportunity its a bad auto chain adjuster the went bad and causing the chain to make noise. Girlfriend should acquire your self a fix book. Together there is action by step on how to carry out it and also what tools you will need.

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I have replaced many sets the heads and also did not have to remove the oil pan to do so... But if her replacing the time chain... Friend will should do allot more then just remove a valve cover. You will have to remove the whole front sheathe to disclose the chains. If friend look near you have 3 chains and also 4 sprockets. Castle all walk to the idler sprocket in the center. So you have actually on crank chain that goes from the crank to the idler. Climate you have two chains that go from every head down to the idler. The ONLY method to eliminate the lower crank sprocket is to eliminate the oil pump. The only method to eliminate the oil pump is to eliminate the pick up tube... The only method to remove the pick up pipe is to remove the bolt the is ~ above the bottom the the oil pump...which method you need to remove the pan to acquire at that one oli pick u ns tube bolt. I hope this helps. Rate SAFE, NICK