When it ceases to work, a component as small as the oil push switch deserve to do some significant engine damage. Therefore if you notice that the needle in her Silverado"s oil push gauge doesn"t move or consistently fluctuates, change the oil push switch as soon as possible.

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This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

To run smoothly, one engine need to be well lubricated—hence, the use of engine oil. And also just together it"s crucial to usage the correct weight and kind of engine oil in her Silverado, it"s essential to understand if engine oil pressure is too high or as well low. The oil push is constantly measure up by the oil push switch sending out unit, which relays pressure levels to the truck"s on-board computer and also then come the oil pressure gauge. It"s constantly essential to store your gauge in working problem to screen the engine"s health. Continue reading the instructions listed below on just how to change the oil push switch in your Silverado and do the yourself. It"s a simple and quick job.


Step 1 – Locate and also remove the oil press switch

The engine cover must first be gotten rid of to accessibility the oil pressure switch. Unscrew an 8mm bolt native the top facility of the cover, and also lift it turn off the engine. The oil pressure switch is situated on the driver"s next of the engine, near the firewall (see figure 2). Push down on the latch that the exploit connector come detach that from the oil press switch. Usage the 1/16" deep well socket, ratchet, and also extension to ease the switch. Then, eliminate it by hand.

Figure 1. Remove 8mm bolt indigenous the engine cover.Figure 2. Location of oil press switch (circled in red).
Figure 3. Remove switch through 1/16" deep well socket.

Step 2 – download the new oil pressure sending unit

Thread in the new oil pressure sending unit by hand. Tighten it further using the 1/16" deep fine socket, ratchet, and also extension. Then, affix the exploit connector to the new switch and also re-install the engine cover. As soon as the engine is started, you have to see a normal oil pressure reading on the gauge cluster.

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Figure 4. Brand-new (left) and also old (right) oil press switch.Figure 5. Working oil press gauge (circled in yellow).

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