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Hello.....New come site, yes, really have appreciated it for this reason far.My question is that on my 09 gmc sierra 5.3 flex, a code for the camshaft position sensor is mirroring up, likewise the last day or 2 a click or churping sound coming from engine. So stopped driving it. Have new sensor in hand, yet wondering where it is located on engine and is it a large deal come change?Shop right here wants $50.00 to put in. Ns sorta am a diy form person if possible.Not bout the haynes manual on the 5.3 however guess the would give a summary in that.Thanks for any help

The camshaft sensor is located on the top of the block straight behind the intake manifold. Have actually patience the is not very easy to get to.

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Page 3 or5 of mine ATI Procharger engine develop thread in 5.3 engine section mirrors a pic of wherein its atLGSONE
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Thanks because that the info. I have obtained the sensor replaced, but a noise native the engine and also sent it come the dealer. Just 50k ~ above the engine...keeping my finger crossed because that something simple.
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