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When this wake up it seems to walk dead electrically. Once I let go of the vital and it goes ago to the on place everything electrical seems to work fine. Then ns will shot to crank it again and nothing, no clicking under the hood, starter does no crank. I have actually put a test light at the starter and it is not gaining power as soon as this happens. Commonly I wait about 10 - 20 minutes and also it will start. Then it normally doesn"t occur again for a month or so. Everyone with comparable problem or sugestions?

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I"ve been having this same problem for a if now. About every two months my defense light will come top top in mine 2000 Chevy impala. Throughout one of the next few starts the will execute this (like this particular day RIGHT before i had to go to a project interview!! Grr!). I"ll walk to turn the automobile on and everything lamp up electronically, all appears normal, then i go to completely start it past the "on" position and also everything goes out. No ticking, no various other noises, every lights shut off, no a single thing. Once I placed the key back to the "on" position all the lights come earlier on and also everything appears fine again. I offered to be able to wait about 10mins and also it would start up again. Today, and also the last time (in the center of the worst snow storm the the year *must to speak something around my luck*) it took end an hour prior to it would start again. Ns think it"s something through the defense system. It"s choose it thinks i"m do the efforts to plunder my own car and also won"t start. That"s an extremely much exactly how it acts and also the defense light being on the day before is likewise what provides me think this. Mine boyfriend uncovered a temporary equipment today that i tried and seemed come work. Rotate the an essential to the "on" place for 10 minutes, then shot restarting the car. That operated today, however I really would like to find a irreversible solution. Ns can"t keep having this problem. Through the small online research I"ve done and also from questioning my mechanic, I"ve heard every little thing from transforming out the battery in the an essential fob, come the BCM, to negative contacts somewhere in the lock area. So, needless to say i still dont" have a heavy answer. Any kind of ideas???