Problem through my 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. 3.4L V6.Did a key up to day tune up in ~ 65k. Replaced fuel pump and filter. My customer states vehicle cranksbut does not start. Another shop had car while this to be happining.i was told auto started with a insanity ortwo top top the gas tank. They had actually a fuel pump and also filter put on client states vehicle started because that twoweeks. Then very same problem auto was towed to me and also starts every time no c.e.o.

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No password in background or t.s.b..nothing from wiggle test. I"ve uncovered this is a usual prob v this yearmake and model but have not uncovered a fix any kind of ideas? Or rec check to run?

Answer:Well,of food you have to verify that no fuel pressure is the problem. No dash lights, for this reason does notsound like a security issue.A couple of things ns have had over the years.....Faulty fuel pump relay inunderhood fuse block, or a trouble inside the fuse block itself.

Swapping relay once acting up, or tapping on block once acting up will usually cause it to start. Thefuel pump feed goes through the left dash fuse block also. No relays or fuses, it simply goes in thencomes the end on the means to the pump

Have had a few problems inside that fuse block as well. Pull a couple of fuses to look for any type of sign the wateron the terminal, or rust about the block. A corroded circuit within the dash fuse block can cause lowvoltage come the pump. Likewise bad ignition switches resulting in low voltage to several of the car systems. Acheck of voltage at the fuel pump / inj fuse as soon as acting increase will show a low voltage condition.

Sylvain dor said:I have actually an Oldsmobile Alero 02. Never ever had problems with it. One night ns went the end to revolve the car approximately for my wife and also it took me 3 tries to begin the car,which I uncovered really odd reason the car constantly started on the first try. The next next morning the car wouldn"t begin at all. I have an excellent fuel pressure,good fire and also still no go. I have readjust the computer system behind the gloves box, the ignition switch and also the coil bowl on peak of the spark plugs and resetedall the computers. I have actually put a computer on the car and also I gained no error code however the computer system give me a yellow warning the it deserve to not run the entirediagnostic. Would certainly you have any idea to aid me?

Tom said:Reply
Sylvain dor , no running a diagnostic is no a problem. That is just an emissions test. If you have actually spark and good fuel pressure, then youmust have actually lost injector pulse. You need to test for that.

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If the protection light is on, friend probably have a poor Passlock sensor or you have to relearn thetheft due to the fact that of the ignition switch and/or computer replacement. To be the computer system programmed?