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What type of fuel milage is supposed out the 3500 6 speed contrasted to 2500 6 speed i know the 3500 usually have 4.10 gears just curious what castle usually acquire stock??
1995 reg cab L-Bed, NV4500 conversion, single ceramic switch disc, 215 P-pump, #5 fuel plate, 5 inch exhaust, house made intake, fuel psi pyro an increase gauges, hx35, 34x12 nitto trails ~ above 18" XD black Hoss, practice winch bumper and leveled

My 3500 w/5 speed and also 410"s averaged about 15-17 , now with the 255"s its around 16-18 , around 13-15 towing 6k
94 2500 sc/lb ,221k ,Built infectious diseases worldwide , #10 fuel plate, 60lbs springs, tuned afc ,3 gsk ,16.5 timing, 2" leveling kit , 285 Michelin at2"s 98.5 24v DRW 4x4 3500 qc,lb,170k, "Hand Shaker" , 100 horse fte injectors ,Edge JWA/CS ,New Injection Pump , Fass 95 ,Banks Exhaust Brake,Monster ram Intake 5inch Exhaust , Bhaf, DT control Arms +1/2 inch and 2.5 inch Superlift Springs , 285 Mich at2"s , Bradford developed Bed

Gears, tires, steering habbits, maintenance, winter/summer fuel are just some that the things that affect mileage.Everything being equal, the 3500 through duals will certainly probably obtain 1 mpg much less than the 2500. Suppose somewhere roughly 16mpg.
I have the 2500 through 3.55 ratio and also 285 tires and also get about 20mpg every the time. Of course i drive only about 60-65 on the freeway. An usage nothing but man-made fluid and also a BHAF that I believe helps.
2002-NV5600,Edge EZ,Muffler Delete,BHAF,Reman VP44,Isspro Fuel press Gauge,MK1 B3 boost Gauge,Opti-Lube in fuel, and also 325,000 miles and also still GOING........

in mine 02 2500 4x4 v my lift and 35s 5 speed and also 4.10s i mean 16-18 empty and also 12-14 towing my 6k take trip trailer
in mine 02 ns only gain 13 come the gallon empty whats wrong? 02 5 rate 3.55 gears sheet juice through attitude and also 35s

well you can have a dying lift pump. My mpg"s went method down once my background pump to be going out, luckily i caught it before it eat mine VP alive. Check you fuel pressure and also keep her foot out of the throttle. Difficult to get good MPG"s v these trucks unless everything is working together properly.

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Those room not devastating numbers. Damage to VP can start at 10psi and also below yet really get dangerous once u get below 5psi, ns would favor to see an ext than 10 at WOT and also maybe lil bit greater at idle. Most likely time because that a FASS or an AIRDOG
in mine 2000 3500 dually 4x4 235/85 not certain on gear ratio i acquired 22mpg coming ago from atlanta to oh.
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