To replace the fuel pump, the fuel tank have to be lowered from the body of the truck. On peak of the heavy weight that the tank, fuel is a volatile liquid, making that dangerous to handle. Return difficult, this job deserve to be accomplished with the best equipment and also patience.

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This article applies to the 2nd generation Dodge lamb (1994-2001).

The fuel pump, filter, and sending unit are all located in the fuel tank together one assembly. The fuel pump is electric and driven through a permanent magnet electric motor. As the rotor inside the pump turns, fuel is attracted into the pump and pressurized transparent the fuel system. The fuel sending unit"s float bar drops through the fuel level in the tank. The sending out unit is a change resistor, an interpretation the sensors resistance to current flow changes as its place moves. This adjust in present is presented by the driver"s information center (gas gauge). Fuel air pollution from dirt and also water is the main source of damage to fuel mechanism components. One way to mitigate your possibilities of drawing in dirt and water from the key tanks at gas station is by pour it until it is full up when the station is no being re-supplied. Also, stations with much more business have tendency to have actually fresher gas.


Materials NeededBasic tool set (ratchet, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers)HammerStrap wrench10mm wrenchFuel tank siphon pumpOne or an ext floor jacks, stands, and also blocks of timber (if necessary)Electrical ice cream (optional)Fuel pressure gauge with drain hose (optional)

There space several ways to change the fuel pump. The most common method is by dropping the fuel tank, which will be covered here. The bed of the truck can be tilted or removed. A hole have the right to be reduced in the bed directly over the fuel pump as well.

Have your fuel level as low as feasible before remove of the tank. Every gallon that fuel weighs six pounds, so each gallon lighter your tank is, the much less you have to worry about handling.

Step 1 – set the emergency brake

If girlfriend need more room under the behind of her truck, location wheel chocks in former of the prior wheels and also raise it v a floor jack. Ar jack stands on each side versus the framework rails. Block of wood can be offered to reduce damages caused through the sharp areas of the jack stands.

Figure 1. Placing a jack stand against the frame rail.

Step 2 – Disconnect battery and siphon fuel indigenous tank

Use a 10mm wrench to eliminate the negative (black) battery cable. Ar it in an area it can not accidentally call the battery, or wrap that with electrical tape.

Use a an ideal siphon pump to remove excess fuel native the tank. Tanks filled v fuel deserve to weigh in access of 200 pounds, making that very daunting to remove.

Step 3 – relieve the fuel pressure

Find the fuel pump fuse and remove it. There need to be a diagram on the optimal or bottom the the under-hood fuse box cover v its location. When removed, begin the engine and also wait for the engine come stall on its own.

If the fuel pump is not working, locate the press relief valve top top the fuel rail. You will should push the small valve in v a screwdriver or affix a fuel press gauge through a drainpipe hose. Be careful using the screwdriver method because fuel will spray out in every directions.

Figure 2. Inside the red one is the fuel push relief valve.

Step 4 – loosen the fuel tank straps

Loosen the straps making use of a 15mm socket, but do not fully remove them. When they room loosened, eliminate the skid bowl on the front and side that the fuel tank.

Figure 3. You deserve to see the two straps stop this fuel tank come the truck.

Step 5 – Disconnect fuel filler neck from body of truck

When you open the fuel door, you will see 3 or four Phillips head screws neighboring the filler hose opening. When these room removed, ease the fuel filler hose and vent hose clamps situated near the filler neck. Pull the hoses far from the fuel filler neck.

Figure 4. The red circles suggest the areas of the Phillips screws and also hose clamps.

Step 6 – Disconnect electrical connector and fuel pressure hose

Lower the tank down as far as feasible without damaging the hoses attached come the fuel pump. Once enough room is made, reach up, disconnect the electric connector by pushing on the red locking tab, and also squeezing the functional tab ~ above the connector plug. While squeezing, pull the connector plug far from the fuel pump.

To eliminate the fuel press hose, to express the sides of the plastic quick disconnect fitting and pull the hose far from the fuel pump.

Before lowering the tank to the ground, dual check there space no other connections to the tank.

Figure 5. A check out of the height of the fuel pump v the fuel hose and also electrical connector removed.
Figure 6. Number one shows the electrical connector, and also number two shows the fuel push hose.

Step 7 – replace fuel pump

You will watch a plastic lock ring bordering the fuel pump assembly. It have the right to be gotten rid of with a strap wrench type tool, or making use of a screw driver/punch and also a hammer. Usage a screwdriver to pry the fuel pump assembly away from the rubber O-ring and lift the fuel pump out of the tank.

Before installation the brand-new fuel pump, do sure any kind of parts that were not included with the brand-new assembly are transferred over. The brand-new pump"s instructions should provide the specifics. Install the brand-new rubber O-ring onto the tank. Make certain it continues to be level/in-place as the brand-new pump is being installed. Place the brand-new pump at an edge to an initial insert the sending out unit"s float, and then press the fuel pump down onto the O-ring. Tighten the plastic lock ring, and get prepared to download the tank earlier onto the truck.

Figure 7. The fuel pump assembly.

Step 8 – progressive tank right into the truck and also reconnect hoses

Raise the tank high enough to start tightening a fuel tank strap. Save enough room between the tank and the truck to attach the electrical connector and also the fuel press hose to the fuel pump. Continue raising the fuel tank till you have the right to re-connect the fuel filler hose and also vent hose. As soon as connected, affix the fuel filler neck come the body of the truck. Slide the skid plates earlier into place and tighten the tank down to the truck with the tank straps.

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Step 9 – inspect for leaks

Re-connect the an adverse battery cable and install the fuel pump fuse. Rotate the ignition on and also inspect roughly the fuel tank because that leaking fuel. If no one is found, the environment is done!

Figure 8. If you watch fuel leaking from the tank, clean the area and also tighten the fuel pump lock ring. If fuel is quiet leaking, the rubber O-ring will should be replaced.

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