In a fuel injected fuel system, the fuel filter is very important. That is an important in keeping contaminants and also particles native clogging injectors or other parts that the fuel system. The fuel filter is recommended to be changed every 30,000 mile or 30 months. Right here is exactly how to change the fuel filter to keep your fuel system nice and also clean.

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Note the 2005 and later models space equipped through a non-replaceable fuel filter, i beg your pardon is constructed into the fuel sender assembly.



Fuel is incredibly flammable, for this reason take excessive caution once working v the fuel system. It is also a good idea to have actually a fire extinguisher present when functioning on the fuel system.

Step 1 – relax the press from the fuel system

The fuel system is under consistent pressure. Once disconnecting the fuel lines, the pressure must an initial be relieved.

Remove the fuel filter cap. This relieves pressure collected in the fuel tank.Remove the fuel pump relay native the relay box in the engine compartment. A guide identifying the relay is under the lid of the relay box.Turn the ignition crucial to "START" and crank the engine over. It need to start for a moment, yet then stall.Turn the ignition crucial to "OFF."Disconnect the an unfavorable (black) cable native the battery.When you room done, have actually replaced the relay, and also finished what you room working on, the check engine light can come on once you start the engine because of the engine being began without the fuel pump relay. It could clear itself after driving because that a bit, or you can have to clear it yourself.
Figure 1. Fuel pump relay ar in relay box.

Step 2 – find the fuel filter and clean

The fuel filter is situated on the right framework rail near the fuel tank. When located, clean the neighboring area that the fuel filter, inlet and outlet heat fittings. You will desire to make sure that when you disconnect the lines, no dust or debris gets into them. Also, make sure to clean off any type of dirt or debris the has collected on the fittings and also around the lines before disconnecting them.

Figure 2. Fuel filter an installed on chassis.

Step 3 – loosen the fuel filter"s fittings

At each end of the filter space screw-in fittings. It will need two wrenches to loosen and also then tighten the fittings. As soon as loosening the fittings, make certain to have actually a catch pan or rags to catch any fuel that will certainly leak out once the lines get disconnected.

Figure 3. Use a 2 wrench technique when loosening fittings.

Step 4 – Detach fuel filter native mounting bracket

The fuel filter is attached come the car by a bracket. To loosen the bracket and also remove the fuel filter, ease the nuts that organize it into the mounting bracket. This nuts are located on the backside that the structure rail.

Figure 4. Ease the mounting parentheses nuts.

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Step 5 – environment is the turning back of removal

Thread in the fittings right into the brand-new fuel filter.Secure the filter and lines to the chassis.Refit the fuel pump relay.Reconnect the battery.

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