periodically my fuel pump go not interact when I revolve the key. Once it does that starts fine and never stalls or runs rough. There are no trouble codes. Ns have currently checked the relay. What might be bring about it to work sporadically.

I need to understand what engine dimension you have in van to look over the best wiring diagram so i can shot to help with what might be walk on.

Ok next time it won"t start I would like you to check the inertia switch. The is top top the best side (passenger) under the dash, see pic below. Once you uncover it just push the white or red switch on it and see if that starts. Otherwise i would have to say we need to inspect the wiring come the pump or examine for power to and from the relay v a digital multi meter. Permit me understand what you find and we will take the from there.

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I have actually checked the Inertia switch, that is fine. I have actually learned something that might aid you. I can keep transforming the an essential from the turn off to run till I listen the pump run, then it starts. Sometimes it takes number of times, yet once i hear it run it starts appropriate up.

have actually you checked out the PCM strength relay? This is the switched power source for the fuel pump relay. This is in the junction box under the dash. If you have a digital multi meter then examine if ax 86 or the white wire through the irradiate blue strip is acquiring power together you revolve the key on.
now the pump will not engage at all. I will test the cable you told me around tomorrow. Is that AC or DC?
I checked the relay, the is getting power. I deserve to feel the clicking as soon as the engine is turned over. Ns will inspect the wire going come the fuel pump. Will certainly it be the white wire with the blue stripe? where in line would certainly be the ideal place to accessibility it? thank you for your patience, ns will add some much more money come the forum because that you.
It shows the wire to it is in pink through black stripe the powers the fuel pump. Let me know what girlfriend find and we will certainly go indigenous there.
The Fuel pump is certainly getting power. Mine meter reads the pink v black stripped wire as gaining power and also I deserve to hear that click as soon as the an essential is turned but it does not run.
yes sir so once it won"t start does the pump get power? have you changed anything? have actually you confirm for spark?
I have actually a 2002 ford expedition, 4.6 v8, pulling up in my driveway and the van went dead. They told me it was the fuel. Therefore I changed the fuel pump and the filter, but it store blowing the fuse under the hood
as soon as I shot to start my expedition it will certainly crank but it won't start. I have determined that it is a fuel problem due to the fact that there isn't any fuel at the rail. I have actually replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump driver module, crank position sensor, and both electronic came position sensors. Ns have also pulled the central junction box and also checked the built in fuel pump relay to watch if it to be bad and also it wasn't. What else need to I it is in doing to gain fuel come the engine
The very first thing you should be act is making use of a fuel pressure gauge to know for certain what the pump is or isn't doing. Examine the Inertia switch to check out if it has been tripped.
I confirm the inertia switch and also it wasn't tripped. I additionally checked to watch if ns was getting any voltage to the inertia switch and I to be not. As far as the fuel pressure, when I traction the key fuel line turn off of the rail and cycled the pump number of times, there to be not any type of fuel coming v the a in line. The just reason i pulled the main line is since I can't it seems ~ to be able to find the Schrader valve almost everywhere on the fuel rail.
i don't know how you can know an interior relay is an excellent or not. You're simply going to have to track it down with the wiring diagram.

I have actually the diagrams and I tried bypassing the fuel relay to see if the worked and also it didn't. This is what leader me to believe it is miscellaneous else.
That simply makes no feeling at all. You say you have no power at the Inertia switch and that comes directly from the relay and you speak you jumped that the end which would have put power straight to the Inertia switch. You're law something not correct here. The fuel pump relay is not also accessible.
This is what I offered as a guideline. I know that the fuel relay is not accessible that is why i tried to jump the wires the come native the relay.
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